Short summary about the IMBA facts:

1954: Establishment of an international union of the countries Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Called IMB.
1964: The union IMB changes to the structure of today IMBA with establishment meeting and registration.
The union which was called IMB in the year 1954 was officially changed into IMBA at a meeting on 10.June 1964 in Gent (B).
Next to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands the IMBA today is belonging to England, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Italy as well.

The establishing associations, DMCV in Germany, BLB in Belgium and NMB in the Netherlands, agreed that the furtherance of motoring is the aim of the union.
Sporting fairness, skills and friendly meetings of the different drivers from the three countries was important. After ten years of experience in the IMB, they decided register a union with fixed articles in the association register.

In 1965 on 6.March the IMB officially was changed into the IMBA (international motoring union for amateurs) at a members-meeting, which was convened for this aim in Hotel Roeben, Monschau, Germany. Putting up regulations was also a point just as the voting for presidents and authentication and signing of the establishment-documents by the authorities.
After a few years of cooperation the association was enlarged with more membership-clubs.
Today with nine countries the IMBA with his membership-units is on behalf of promoting the amateur-motoring and to regulate it on the sector of Moto-Cross.
Through the year there is one meeting (congress) where the delegates of the country-unions fix the regulations of the IMBA and where the presidents and the board of directors are elected.
The IMBA promotes Moto-Cross events in all the nine countries through the year. 6-7 events of the MX2 class (125 ccm international) and 6-7 events of the open class (250/500 ccm international) are organised. In the SEITENWAGEN class there are 5-6 events.
Since 2006 there are also Quad-Events organised. So there were 3 events in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Switzerland in 2006. For 2007 5 events are planned.