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| 01/02/2024 | IMBA Veterans 2024

Here is the latest information about the Veterans Champions of Europe ! The dates: 18/08/2024 Ohlenberg, Germany; 22.09.2024 Groesbeek, Netherlands; 28 + 29 September 2024 Kleinhau, Germany. Riders from 45 - years, with motorbikes, new or old. The registration and payment options will be published later. Save these dates! Information see website under "Race information"

| 27/01/2024 | A short summary of the IMBA facts:

1954: Foundation of an international union of the countries Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Called IMB. 1964: The IMB association changes to the structure of today's IMBA with a founding meeting and registration. The association that was called IMB in 1954 was officially renamed IMBA (Internationale Motorsport Bond voor Amateurs) at a meeting in Ghent (B) on 10 June 1964. In addition to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, the IMBA's member countries today also include England, France, Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy and Russia. The founding organisations, the DMCV in Germany (now the DAMCV), the SU in Belgium and the NMB in the Netherlands, agreed that the aim of the association was to promote ...(read more)

| 20/12/2023 | IMBA Calendar 2024!

Once there are the dates for the IMBA European Championship "Champions of Europe" and there is the "Masters Of Nations" on 28-19 September 2024 in Kleinhau, Germany. All riders from Europe, 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Mx2 Youth, Ladies, MX2 + MX Open Veterans, Sidecars, who register via the link on the IMBA website can start at the "Masters of Nations". However, preference will be given to riders who have a licence with an IMBA national association. There is a special announcement for the "Masters of Nations" The races of the LAD, MX2+MX Open, Veterans and Sidecars also count towards the "Champions of Europe" classification. You can find the calendar on this website under Calendar!

| 09/12/2023 | IMBA Veterans: INFO

In 2024, there will once again be an IMBA Veterans class as a separate class for riders aged 45 and older, who will ride in their own European Championship. The respective starting field will be divided into two different age groups based on the number of participants: a. 45 - 56 years, b. 57 - ?? years, The driver is already or will be 45 or 57 in that year. Participants do not need to hold a licence from an IMBA member country. Drivers in the veteran class who do not hold a licence from an IMBA country, must provide proof of private accident insurance or buy a corresponding daily insurance policy with the organising club/association or apply for daily insurance from the IMBA association in their ...(read more)

| 14/11/2023 | IMBA Congress 2024 season, Switzerland

The IMBA Congress for the 2024 season took place this year in Egerkingen near Solothurn. The Hotel Egerkingen provided the ideal setting. At last year's congress, you could feel a jolt going through the heads of the IMBA-affiliated associations. The review is now mixed. Although more athletes took part in the races compared to the previous year, some races still had to be cancelled for various reasons. However, the upward trend among Swiss pilots was clearly noticeable. More Swiss riders took part in the races in the various classes than had been the case for a long time. With the exception of the Ladies (due to clashing dates), the Swiss were mostly well represented. We were very successful, winning the Sidecar Nations Trophy and the ...(read more)

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