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| 16/03/2020 | Cancelled Side car + Ladies in Great Britain 28-0

Hi All, It is with regret that the AMCA must cancel the Sidecar and Ladies IMBA that we have scheduled for the 28th June. The reason for this is that the club have lost the use of the track for the rest of the year and we cannot find another organiser in the current unstable situation. Many thanks Steve Harvey External & IT Manager AMCA Events Limited

| 13/03/2020 | Cancelled MX Open race in Schlatt CH 26-04-2020

Dear friends of motor sports The MX Open race in Schlatt is also cancelled! We are very sorry. We would have been proud to offer you a new, attractive race in Switzerland. For the organizing committee and the SAM Nick Hildebrand

| 13/03/2020 | Cancelled IMBA Race Billund Danmark 06/07 Juni 202

Dear hardworking Willi First I have to thank You for the constant work and commitment to Imba and all us Imba Countries!! Have You been informed, that our Danish Billund Imba event date 06/07 June has been CANNCELLED?? I sure hope and expect that You have had this information earlier!! We have indeed had a sad period in our Imba Dk situation, and the Danish Imba board have withdrawn them from the Danish Imba board. And then the Billund Club has CANNCELLED all Imba activities. Very sad, but the only thing to do, when the support and commitment from our Imba board has been withdrawn. Best Regards Dmcu Chairman Klaus Rafael

| 13/03/2020 | Motocross Wohlen Switzerland 2020

Esteemed motorsport friends, helpers, advertisers, sponsors... So now the time has come. Also we cannot escape the current situation and have to cancel with a heavy heart both the 65th Int. Motocross Wohlen from April 4-5, 2020 and the license-free Motocross Wohlen from March 29, 2020. The federal government has banned events with more than 100 people until the end of April. We understand this decision, health comes first, even if it is hard for us. A lot of heart and soul has been put into the organisation of these events, many hours of preparation work have been done, everything would be ready. And now this... but the current situation leaves no other option. We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who has ...(read more)

| 11/03/2020 | Cancellation IMBA Open in France

The decree of the French Ministry of Health of 9 March 2020, which partly states that any meeting attended by more than 1,000 people at the same time is prohibited on the national territory until 15 April 2020. The Club Baguer Pican does not have the prefecture's authorization, so the IMBA Open in France, on 05-04-2020 will unfortunately be cancelled. W. Jütten IMBA Secrfetary

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