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| 09/07/2018 | Sidecar IMBA - France - in Vierzon

Frank Mulders - Henry Van De Wiel take the lead in the side car IMBA 21 starters from six nations lined up for the third round of IMBA sidecars in Vierzon in the "Center Val DE Loire" in summer heat for further competition. Over 30 degrees demanded the athletes from a high condition. Under emphatically friendly and respectful races, there was an international podium. Mulders-Vd Wiel 1-4-1 (1) pushed their fellow countrymen Mike Keuben - Lars De Laat 19-1-5 (6) out of the top of the table and allowed themselves to go over the "Malin Jaune". The only Swiss in France were Marco Boller - Marius Strauss 2-2-2 (2), who continued to make their rounds like a clockwork and continue to work in third place on the table. Third in Vierzon were the ...(read more)

| 08/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race Youth 07. - 08. Juli 2018 Genk B

Hello dear sports friends, in the result of the IMBA race unfortunately a mishap happened during the evaluation of the races. The score could only be corrected afterwards and the official placements are the result created by IMBA only.

| 05/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race Youth 07. - 08. Juli 2018 Genk B

Hello everyone, please register your youth driver for the weekend in Genk Belgium 07. - 08. July 2018 All the organizing association should also register the drivers on the IMBA website, we have to prepare the computers for the events. Thank you

| 01/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race MX2 - Side car Feldkirch Austria

For the first time in the time of its existence, the IMBA has performed in Austria. This was made possible by the good cooperation of the SAM = Swiss member of the IMBA and the association MCCM Feldkirch under the direction of Michael Zimmermann and his many, many tireless helpers. Michael Zimmermann writes in his greeting to the audience and guests, I quote: "We as organizers have spared no expense and effort to organize a perfect race weekend". I can say that they have succeeded completely! In the two classes of the IMBA MX2 and sidecar were each very great and strong driver fields, so that the numerous appeared spectators, now 39 years, spectacular races could be offered for a European Championship. We all saw 6 individual races that ...(read more)

| 24/06/2018 | IMBA EC Race Lower Drayton Farm Mx2 and Open

Twice a British podium at the Home Grand Prix in Lower Drayton. The British Luke Burton, Ray Rowson and Lewis King were the winners in the Mx2 class, with Luke 2 and Ray Rowson could write 1 race victory on his flag. In the overall classification Luke had the most points and was on the top spot at the award ceremony. The best non-islander was the Belgian Glenn Bielen, who finished fourth in the daily standings ahead of the Italian Filippo Ballin. The lead in the championship and the yellow jersey after 6 races is still in the hands of Ray Rowson (GB). In the Open class, the race wins also went to the British team, with Josh Waterman, 1st run, Shane Carless, 2nd run and Paul Neale 3rd run. Paul Neal had a failure in the first race, so ...(read more)

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