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| 18/06/2017 | IMBA European Championship Grenaa Denmark.

Bright sunshine this morning and the few clouds are also moving rapidly across the sea towards Sweden. In the sandy course of Motocrossklub Grenaa everything was well prepared for this motocross Sunday with 3 IMBA classes IMBA Open, Youth 85 cc, Mx2. In the 85 cc class the Dutchman Oscar Hakkert took the best time, before Remo Schudel from Switzerland and Frederik Eskildsen from Denmark. The Mx2 saw again a dutchman with best time for Boyd v.d. Voorn before Mikkel Ziller and Kasper Baek Iversen, Denmark. In the "big" the Open class was the local hero, Jim Soerensen, who brought the best time before Luke Burton; Great Britain and Nicolaj Damsgaard, Denmark. At the presentation, there was another commemorative minute for Pit Vergoossen; ...(read more)

| 11/06/2017 | IMBA Mx 2 European Championship in Belgium,

The two Britons Raymond Rowson and Josh Waterman take the first run in Belgium already quite clearly for themselves. While Rowson won the start and also the run, Waterman has the 2nd rank fully under control. He is followed by the Belgian Kristof Van Vaerenbergh on the verses, but in the start round he falls back to rank 13 and later he works again to the 10th place. The Italian Riccardo Vitaliani had started on 4th and took the third place, which he also took to the finish. Jacky Tausch had started only in 9th place, but the Dutchman continued to advance in the course of the race and took 4th place. The EM Leader Joshua v.d. Linden was able to get away with starting rank 5 well and took this rank also during the racs and finish. Best in ...(read more)

| 09/06/2017 | IMBA European Championship youth 2017

Hello dear Organisations, drivers and friends of IMBA, At the congress last year the countiers decided the class MX2 youth only for 2 stroke machines. Now we see that the decision not realy works in the reality. The most of riders in the countries do have 4 stroke machines for the class MX2youth. The IMBA Board would like to help all Organizers to have full start gates and a good race, and also a better Championship. We from IMBA Board cancel the rules for this class, "to ride only with 2 stroke machines". So it is free to ride with 2 stroke or 4 stroke machines, and the age from 13. until 17. years. We hope to see more riders in Greena Denmark, Overloon Netherlands, Weilerswist Germany. W. Jütten IMBA Board

| 04/06/2017 | IMBA European Championship MX2 Stevensbeek NL

The first race of the MX2 drivers of the IMBA took place in the Dutch sand of the "Radiocircuit" Stevensbeek. On the day of Pentecost sunny weather awaited us, after which there had been a strong rain shower the night before. The free practice was started at 9.12 h and 24 participants were at the starting gate. The best time went to Joshua van der Linden (NL) in front of his countryman Jacky Tausch. The Belgian Axel Nijs finished third in front of Glenn Bielen (B). With 5th place saw the time keeping the Italien Riccardo Vitaliani. The first run was from 13.15 h and the German team had to log out completely, because Sandro Lorsbach had problems with the shoulder and Niklas Raths with his "old" knee injury. The start went to the Dutch ...(read more)

| 30/04/2017 | IMBA Ladies at Genk, Belgium

Sunny wether at the circuit Hoeresbergdam at Genk, Belgium. First practice startet at 9.15hour. The Time practice was in hand of Steffi Laier, D, and the Australien Emma Milesevic and Brenda Wagemans; B. After the presentation, the first run was started at 1:05 pm and the first round was for Steffi Laier, who had the Australian women, right from the start, on her rear wheel. In round 5, Steffi had a crash with one of her country mates and fell back to second place. Gwenda Haans, Nl, who was currently leading the IMBA rating, had started by Patz 4 and had meanwhile advanced to Brenda Wagenmans, B, and advanced to rank 3. Brenda, however, was able to defend her 4 th place before Fiona Hoppe, D. With rank 6, the Englishman Bethany Farmer ...(read more)

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