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| 10/07/2024 | IMBA Masters of Nations 2024

Dear sports fans and IMBA members, from now on the IMBA associations can register their participants for the IMBA "Masters of Nations" via the IMBA website. From 20 August onwards, participants who do not come from an IMBA country or association can also be registered, except from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, where it is only possible via the CAM and MON associations. You can find the current announcement on the IMBA website ! The registration link will be activated on 20 August.

| 21/05/2024 | IMBA European Championship in Gouy en Artois

France, another success for former world champion Steffi Laier, Belgium. She again won all 3 heats ahead of Britt van der Werff from the Netherlands and Kathryn Booth from England. It was a very good event, well organised and the riders' presentation on Saturday evening in the party tent. Results and further information can also be found at The next meeting will take place on 18 August 2024 in Ohlenberg, Germany.

| 27/04/2024 | IMBA Ladies European Championship 2024.

The 2nd IMBA European Ladies Championship enters the 2nd round. The next clash will take place on 19 May in Pas de Callais Gouy en Artois, France. You can still register via an IMBA affiliated association.

| 14/04/2024 | IMBA Ladies 2024 in Holten NL.

The first day of racing for the IMBA Ladies class has started in Holten, the Netherlands. In good motocross weather, 29 ladies took their places at the starting gate and completed the first training session at 9.00 am. The timed practice followed at 10:35 and the fastest on the parkour was Steffi Laier from Germany, the former world champion and IMBA champion who lives in Belgium. She was followed by Britt van de Werff from the Netherlands, the reigning IMBA champion. Kathryn Booth from England set the 3rd fastest time. This is how the 3 races will start this afternoon. Race 1, former champion Laier and reigning champion van de Werff were the leaders from the start, with Steffi always staying ahead of Britt. At the start, England's ...(read more)

| 08/04/2024 | IMBA Ladies European Championship 2024.

The first meeting of the Ladies in 2024 will take place in Holten, in the Netherlands, next Sunday, 14 April. There are still a few starting places available for participants from countries that are not affiliated with IMBA. If you would like to know more, please contact me as soon as possible at

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