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| 10/11/2018 | IMBA Congress 2018

So on 17.-18.11.2018 the IMBA Congress 2018 takes place in the Czech Republic. Important points and the schedule for the 2019 season are on the agenda. Here you will find a provisional calendar, which will learn more dates and changes. So always note the current status (now 10-11-2018).

| 30/09/2018 | IMBA EM Final Sidecar in Meijel NL

Between the Dutchmen Frank Mulders / Henry v / d Wiel and Mike Keuben / Lars de Laat 42 points were in favor of Mulders / v / d Wiel for the first race and they also got the best time for the last 3 races. In the first race but Keuben / de Laat could enter the win and chew on 6 points. But to still get the title, many points still have to be made good. Tim Prümmer / Tobias Lange (D) still had hopes for third place in the championship, because the third-placed, the Swiss Marco Boller / Marius Strauss were not due to an injury of Marco Boller in Meijel. But as the devil so plays, the two Germans had to abandon the race with a defective clutch lying in third place after 4 laps. Thus, the point yield was not exactly high to endanger Boller ...(read more)

| 23/09/2018 | IMBA EM Side car goes to the Final

The Swiss Marco Boller and Marius Strauss spoil the third race and thus important points for a podium finish at home race in Amriswil CH. The podium goes to the Netherlands, with Mulders / v / d Wiel on 1, Keuben / de Laat 2, and Germany Prümmer / Lange 3. Frank Mulders and Henry van de Wiel (NL) clearly show that they want to clinch the title at the last race of the season at home in Meijel next Sunday. As big competitors, their compatriots Mike Keuben and Lars de Laat are still able to claim the title 42 points behind. Boller / Strauss are currently in third place, 151 points behind. Rank 4 is currently occupied by German team Tim Prümmer and Tobias Lange, who secured the 3rd podium finish in the daily standings in Switzerland, ahead of ...(read more)

| 02/09/2018 | IMBA EC Race Ladies at Belgium Beringen Paal

Brenda Wagemans, (B), wins the home GP in Belgian Beringen at the IMBA European Ladies Championship with three race wins. Sandra Keller (CH) is 2nd on the podium with (3-2-3) places, ahead of Cynthia Swets (NL) with (5-4-8) this place. The complete list of results can be found at results

| 02/09/2018 | IMBA EC race Open Beggingen CH

The Swiss Cyrill Scheiwiller (2-1-1) and the Lichtensteiner Luca Bruggmann (1-4-2) take first and second place in the daily standings in front of their home crowd. The German Lucas Platt makes the third place on the podium with the places (3-7-2) perfect. However, the championship goes to the Briten Josh Watermann in front of compatriots Shane Carless and James Dodd. More about the day and championship standings can be found at results

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