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| 25/05/2023 | IMBA Open in Wisskirchen 28-05-2023

IMBA European Championship at the Rosenbusch in Wisskirchen. The Open class enters the second round of the season on Sunday 28.05. and we can hope for exciting racing with 36 participants from 8 IMBA nations. The Belgian Matteo Puffet, the reigning champion, could already convince in France and also take the lead and the yellow leader shirt this year. Let's see how the races in Wisskirchen go.

| 22/05/2023 | IMBA EM Marathon in Kleinhau 2023

Three days, racing without end and many exciting two and three-way battles on a sporting, fair basis. In Kleinhau on Friday at the Night Cross in the Classic Oldtimer races, points were also at stake for a "new" IMBA European Championship for the Oldies. In the meantime the groups have been put together from the race results, firstly there are the Classic-OldtimerPer65-74 who are younger than 60 and then the Pre65-74 who are older than 60. The group over 60 have been split again in the points allocation, 66+ get the points earned multiplied by 1.1 and 72+ get the points multiplied by 1.2 so that the older ones get a small age bonus in the ranking. For the classes Pre65-78 there is the same principle for the championship ranking. On Sunday ...(read more)

| 16/05/2023 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Deurne NL 2023-05-21

Hello all, Here you will find additional information for the European Championships for Women in Deurne. Special points of attention from the organizer: - Open fire is strictly prohibited, including barbecue. - Staying overnight on Friday is not allowed. The paddock is open on Saturday from 5.30 pm. - Staying overnight from Sunday to Monday is not allowed on the paddock. - Riding in the paddock is prohibited, disqualification will follow immediately. - On Saturday there is a club class in which riders can participate. For this you must register via our website no later than Thursday afternoon at 12:00 pm: When registering, use the ‘afvaardiging’ form (20 euros). ...(read more)

| 01/05/2023 | IMBA Classic-Oldtimer: INFO

The IMBA organises a separate European Championship for the Classic-Oldtimer classes in cooperation with various national organisers of Classic-Oldtimer events and in close cooperation with ECMO (European Classic Motocross Organisation). The groups and classes in which the respective age groups will compete will be determined by the respective organiser in the announcement. For this year, the IMBA will first see how the classes can be put together for an IMBA European Championship. Therefore, there are different classes for the respective organisers. The respective regulations or announcements of the organisers or the ECMO in coordination with the IMBA representative on site and, if applicable, the IMBA sport regulations apply. All ...(read more)

| 29/04/2023 | Cancellation MX2 Belgium 18.06.2023 Koningshoikt!

Unfortunately the VMCF has to cancel the MX2 race in Koningshoikt because the authorities do not give permission and an alternative cannot be found.

| 19/04/2023 | IMBA European Youth Championship 2023

Hello sports fans, the registration for the European Youth Championship 2023 in Denmark is open. You can register at any time via the link on the info page or the link in the calendar. Licences are not required. Each participant pays an entry fee and will be automatically insured.

| 02/04/2023 | IMBA Sidecar EM - Wohlen, Switzerland

has started and the Swiss, Remo Käser, Cornelio Dörig get the yellow leader shirt. They lead after 3 races in Wohlen, CH, in front of the Dutch Frank Mulders, Marc Van Deutekom and the Belgians Stan Goeyvaerts, Tim Smeunix. Here the daily result = current championship standings.

| 30/03/2023 | IMBA sidecar season opener in Wohlen CH

Now start for the IMBA motocross season. The sidecars will be the first to start in the well-known motocross venue of Wohlen in Switzerland. The reigning champion of 2022, Frank Mulders will surely want to lay the foundation for a renewed championship with co-driver Marc van Deutekom. Let's see which team from the various European countries will stand up to him.

| 24/02/2023 | IMBA European Youth Championship 2023 Denmark

Please find attached the announcement for the European Youth Championship 2023 in Denmark. Children, youth and adults from all over the world can compete. A licence from a federation is not required. An entry fee will be paid, which also includes the necessary insurance. For conditions of participation, see the announcement. Registration is via a special link which I have attached. Payment will be made in advance to the club in Denmark! I hope for your support and numerous participants.

| 10/02/2023 | IMBA Information Classic-Oldtimer and Veterans Cha

Hello sports friends under the Buttom Races information you can find the information about the new series IMBA European Classic-Oldtimer Championship and the IMBA European Veterans Championship. You can also register right away via the inserted link. Of course, you also have to register with the respective organiser (local club or association). We hope for many participants and wish for interesting events.

| 16/01/2023 | Official IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello motorsport friends here is the official IMBA calendar 2023. For INFO:- IMBA European Kids Championship: all boys and girls in the respective classes 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Mx2 Jug. are allowed to participate, with or without licenses of an IMBA country. Each participant pays an entry fee of 45,-€ to the organiser. IMBA Veterans European Championship: All riders who have reached the age of 40+ may participate, with or without a licence. All pay an entry fee of 45,-€ to the organiser. IMBA Classic-Oldtimer European Championship: All drivers in the respective age categories of the respective organisers may participate; the announcement and the regulations of the respective organisers apply: MSC Kleinhau, BOTC in Belgium and ECMO in the ...(read more)

| 28/12/2022 | IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello good day, there are changes in the IMBA calendar 2023! We now have 5 races for the Ladies and 3 races for Classic-Oldtimers, as well as 2 races for the IMBA Veterans. See the whole calendar under the heading "Calendar"

| 20/12/2022 | A Merry Christmas Time

The IMBA Board wishes all members, sports friends and all people in the world, a Merry Christmas.

| 25/11/2022 | IMBA Congress 2022 in Germany, Linz am Rhein.

The delegations of the countries had arrived in large numbers. The chairman of the IMBA, Benoit Malta, welcomed everyone and briefly described the problems of the last season 2022. Some events had to be cancelled and the participation of the riders was much lower than in the years before Corona. Certainly, the financial situation at the moment, travel costs etc. is also a reason for the lower number of participants. However, many of the young riders do not know what it means to take part in an IMBA European Championship race. In the amateur sector, this European championship is certainly one of many championships advertised, but the IMBA European championship is not just about one event, as is the case with many other organisers, but it ...(read more)

| 21/11/2022 | Preliminary IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello sports fans, here is the preliminary IMBA calendar 2023. Changes and additions can still take place until 15.01. 2023. We will keep you up to date. See under the heading Calendar!

| 26/09/2022 | IMBA European Ladies Final in Kleinhau Germany

The new European Champion of the IMBA Ladies class was crowned in Kleinhau. With 3 exciting races the Dutch Britt Jans-becken could secure the day's victory on the Raffelsberg in Kleinhau, Germany, but the real winner was the German-born Steffi Laier, who this year competes for Belgium, and who for the third time in her career could also secure the third title in the IMBA European Championship, in addition to the 4 World Championship titles. She was probably fully satisfied with second place on the day's podium. Britt van der Werff from the Netherlands came third in the daily ranking. In addition to the daily classification and the classification in the European Championship, there was also the "Best 2-stroke" rider to honour, whereby ...(read more)

| 19/09/2022 | IMBA European Championship Side Car Class

The Motocross in Amriswil is celebrating its 60th anniversary on the 24th/25th September and we're proud of continuing the tradition of hosting the IMBA Side Car category! We're looking forward to welcoming you all in Switzerland. This is the address for the navigation: 8580 Amriswil, Spitzerüti. We're looking forward to a great race!

| 12/09/2022 | IMBA Championship 2022 Final Meijel NL

BY COBIE CLAESSENS After the downpour on Saturday afternoon, MCC Meijel worked hard to remove the excess water from the track. The track, the Vossenberg, was in perfect condition on Sunday morning. The IMBA Open rode their last race and in the standings was the Belgian rider, Mattéo Puffet 144 points ahead of the second placed Demylan van Loon. After the three moto as expected Mattéo Puffet was the new IMBA champion in the Open Class before Demylan van Loon and Teun Cooymans. EC OPEN After time practice the fastest time was for Jacky Tausch in front of Mattéo Puffet and Teun Cooymans. After the start of the 1st moto Jacky Tausch was the fastest, followed by Mattéo Puffet. Both riders didn't lose sight of each other for a second and ...(read more)

| 29/08/2022 | IMBA European Championship Open Class

The Motocross in Gutenswil will take place for the 46th time on the 3rd/4th September. We're proud to host the IMBA Open category and we're looking forward to welcoming you all in Switzerland. This is the address for the navigation: Waldhof 2, 8605 Gutenswil. After that follow the signs. Opening hours paddock: Friday 16:00 to 21:00 / Saturday & Sunday from 06:00. The organizer would prefer for the riders to use roll-off goggles in order to avoid unnecessary waste on the land. We're looking forward to a great race!

| 25/08/2022 | Cancellation IMBA European Sidecar Championship

Hello all, the VMCF cancels the event Kersbeek, IMBA European Sidecar Championship, 04-09-2022. Reason, the farmer has tilled his land differently than intended and there is not the space available. Another race track was found, but in the last instance the permission was withdrawn or not granted.

| 19/08/2022 | Cancellation Int. youth weekend, 17-18.09.2022!

Hi all, due to lack of interest from international federations and riders, the club MSC Weilerswist is forced to cancel the youth event 17-18.09.2022. The Int. Youth Weekend will therefore not take place!

| 16/08/2022 | IMBA European Championship Open Class

Meijel has a 75-year tradition of motocross and will continue it. MCC Meijel organises a motocross weekend on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September at 'de Vossenberg'. The Saturday is for the youth and the club riders. Under the name BENEDU-Cup -this is an exchange between the Dutch, German and Belgian association- appear at the starting gate: The 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, beginners class, MX2 Youth (125cc), Quad special, Quad standard. Also on the programme are the Kids & Sidecars and an open club class for beginners and an open club class for advanced riders. On Sunday, the programme includes the European Championship MX Open Class and the 24MX National Motocross. Besides the European riders of the Open Class, the MX Open Seniors, the MX ...(read more)

| 14/08/2022 | IMBA Results of the Races on Mylaps

Hi guys, the IMBA results are now available on Mylaps under IMBA EC Race on the Germany page. Of course you can also find the results in the country where the IMBA race is held. Have fun!

| 09/08/2022 | IMBA European Ladies Championship in Warsage B

The European Ladies Motocross Championship in Warsage Belgium was in the hands of two Belgian riders, Steffi Laier (who is a native of Germany) and Brenda Wagemans, who had won the title of IMBA European Champion in 2019 before Corona came along. The two delivered exciting duels in all three heats, which also fully thrilled the more than 3000 spectators. Britt van der Werff from the Netherlands, who also took third place on the podium in Warsage, always followed at a clear distance.

| 21/07/2022 | IMBA Race Ladies NL 23.10.2022

Hello dear sports friends, there is a replacement date for the Ladies 23-10-2022 in Deurne NL.

| 08/07/2022 | Cancellation IMBA MX2 in Italy 18.09.2022 Arco di

Hello, unfortunately we have to inform you that again an event has to be cancelled from the IMBA calendar. The event of the MX2 class in Italy, Arco di Trento on 18.09.2022 can not take place because there are problems with the organizers. However, we will also evaluate an IMBA European Championship with 2 events, because we just have special times this year and special times also require special measures.

| 05/07/2022 | Internat. Youth Weekend Weilerswist 17-18 Sept.

Hello dear sports friends, here is the information and registration for the international youth weekend in Weilerswist Germany. I would like to ask you to pass on this important information to the relevant riders and ensure that we can once again hold a good, full international youth weekend at the IMBA. You can also pass on this information to riders who do not come from a country that is affiliated to the IMBA. These riders can also participate with payment of the entry fee and appropriate insurance.

| 22/06/2022 | Cancelled IMBA EM Ladies, 10.07.2022 Netherland

Hello dear sports friends, unfortunately we have to cancel the IMBA Ladies European Championship in the Netherlands 10.07.2022. There may be an alternative date later in the year. Let's hope so.

| 12/06/2022 | IMBA European Championship MX2 in Belgium.

IMBA European Championship MX2 in Belgium, daily standings after 3 runs. Belgian Ilan Heirwegh wins the day for the Belgian team with 3 heat victories, congratulations.

| 06/06/2022 | IMBA EM Open - Class Wisskirchen D

German double victory at the home GP of the IMBA European Championship Open Class in Wisskirchen. After a break of 2 years, the IMBA was able to compete again in the first race of the Open class in Wisskrichen, Germany. With three exciting races the participating drivers from, unfortunately only 5 of the 10 nations, thanked the organiser, the Club Wisskirchen and the DAMV. The timed practice already showed that the German drivers had a very strong line-up at the start. Dennis Platt and Pit Rickert took the starting positions 1 and 2 in front of the Belgian Jonas Salaets and Denis Wagemans as well as their compatriot Mattéo Puffet. In the first race Dennis Platt showed with a start-finish victory that the way to the day's victory ...(read more)

| 02/06/2022 | Open Class in Belgium 26-06-2022 Paal has been can

Hello sports friends, unfortunately we got the message today that the event in Paal/Beringen Belgium, on 26-06-2022, has to be cancelled for the Open class. The site was sold at short notice and the VMCF was unable to find another organiser.

| 30/05/2022 | First IMBA Race Sidecar Stevensbeek NL 2022

BY COBIE CLAESSENS DUTCH STRONG ON HOME GROUND After 2 years the IMBA riders could start again. The sidecars had their first European Championship of the 2022 season in St. Anthonis. Also this time the track was perfect and everything was taken care of. It is a pity that only 20 combinations from four different European countries appeared at the start. On behalf of the municipality Land van Cuijk, Maarten Jilissen spoke a word and on behalf of the IMBA, Guus Verlangen addressed the riders during the rider presentation. EK SLIDE SPAN The fastest time in practice was set by Frank Mulders/Aivar van de Wiel ahead of Tim Prümmer/Tobias Lange and the Bjorn and Sten van den Heuij brothers. In the first moto Tim Prümmer/Tobias Lange came ...(read more)

| 17/05/2022 | Cancellation of the EC event at Holice CR 22.05.20

Too bad, too bad: Cancellation of the European Championship event of the Open class in Holice Czech Republic on 22.05.2022! Unfortunately, the interest in participation is so low that the organiser has cancelled this class from his event. Of course it is a difficult time at the moment, everything has become more expensive and the interests after a 2 year break may have changed. But we should all try not to let the IMBA European Championship die. Let's hope that there will be better registration figures for Wisskirchen on 05.06. 2022.

| 26/04/2022 | Start IMBA European Championship 2022

For the first race in the Czech Republic on 22.05.2022, in Holice, I ask the riders to still register on the "old" website in time. Surely we all want to have a good IMBA European Championship team again soon and so I ask all federations to do their utmost to send riders to the events or to inform the IMBA secretary in time if they cannot participate.

| 09/03/2022 | IMBA Calendar 2022

Hello good day, here is the current IMBA schedule for 2022. Let's hope for a good season and a nice European Championship in all classes.

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