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| 16/01/2023 | Official IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello motorsport friends here is the official IMBA calendar 2023. For INFO:- IMBA European Kids Championship: all boys and girls in the respective classes 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Mx2 Jug. are allowed to participate, with or without licenses of an IMBA country. Each participant pays an entry fee of 45,-€ to the organiser. IMBA Veterans European Championship: All riders who have reached the age of 40+ may participate, with or without a licence. All pay an entry fee of 45,-€ to the organiser. IMBA Classic-Oldtimer European Championship: All drivers in the respective age categories of the respective organisers may participate; the announcement and the regulations of the respective organisers apply: MSC Kleinhau, BOTC in Belgium and ECMO in the ...(read more)

| 28/12/2022 | IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello good day, there are changes in the IMBA calendar 2023! We now have 5 races for the Ladies and 3 races for Classic-Oldtimers, as well as 2 races for the IMBA Veterans. See the whole calendar under the heading "Calendar"

| 20/12/2022 | A Merry Christmas Time

The IMBA Board wishes all members, sports friends and all people in the world, a Merry Christmas.

| 25/11/2022 | IMBA Congress 2022 in Germany, Linz am Rhein.

The delegations of the countries had arrived in large numbers. The chairman of the IMBA, Benoit Malta, welcomed everyone and briefly described the problems of the last season 2022. Some events had to be cancelled and the participation of the riders was much lower than in the years before Corona. Certainly, the financial situation at the moment, travel costs etc. is also a reason for the lower number of participants. However, many of the young riders do not know what it means to take part in an IMBA European Championship race. In the amateur sector, this European championship is certainly one of many championships advertised, but the IMBA European championship is not just about one event, as is the case with many other organisers, but it ...(read more)

| 21/11/2022 | Preliminary IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello sports fans, here is the preliminary IMBA calendar 2023. Changes and additions can still take place until 15.01. 2023. We will keep you up to date. See under the heading Calendar!

| 26/09/2022 | IMBA European Ladies Final in Kleinhau Germany

The new European Champion of the IMBA Ladies class was crowned in Kleinhau. With 3 exciting races the Dutch Britt Jans-becken could secure the day's victory on the Raffelsberg in Kleinhau, Germany, but the real winner was the German-born Steffi Laier, who this year competes for Belgium, and who for the third time in her career could also secure the third title in the IMBA European Championship, in addition to the 4 World Championship titles. She was probably fully satisfied with second place on the day's podium. Britt van der Werff from the Netherlands came third in the daily ranking. In addition to the daily classification and the classification in the European Championship, there was also the "Best 2-stroke" rider to honour, whereby ...(read more)

| 19/09/2022 | IMBA European Championship Side Car Class

The Motocross in Amriswil is celebrating its 60th anniversary on the 24th/25th September and we're proud of continuing the tradition of hosting the IMBA Side Car category! We're looking forward to welcoming you all in Switzerland. This is the address for the navigation: 8580 Amriswil, Spitzerüti. We're looking forward to a great race!

| 12/09/2022 | IMBA Championship 2022 Final Meijel NL

BY COBIE CLAESSENS After the downpour on Saturday afternoon, MCC Meijel worked hard to remove the excess water from the track. The track, the Vossenberg, was in perfect condition on Sunday morning. The IMBA Open rode their last race and in the standings was the Belgian rider, Mattéo Puffet 144 points ahead of the second placed Demylan van Loon. After the three moto as expected Mattéo Puffet was the new IMBA champion in the Open Class before Demylan van Loon and Teun Cooymans. EC OPEN After time practice the fastest time was for Jacky Tausch in front of Mattéo Puffet and Teun Cooymans. After the start of the 1st moto Jacky Tausch was the fastest, followed by Mattéo Puffet. Both riders didn't lose sight of each other for a second and ...(read more)

| 29/08/2022 | IMBA European Championship Open Class

The Motocross in Gutenswil will take place for the 46th time on the 3rd/4th September. We're proud to host the IMBA Open category and we're looking forward to welcoming you all in Switzerland. This is the address for the navigation: Waldhof 2, 8605 Gutenswil. After that follow the signs. Opening hours paddock: Friday 16:00 to 21:00 / Saturday & Sunday from 06:00. The organizer would prefer for the riders to use roll-off goggles in order to avoid unnecessary waste on the land. We're looking forward to a great race!

| 25/08/2022 | Cancellation IMBA European Sidecar Championship

Hello all, the VMCF cancels the event Kersbeek, IMBA European Sidecar Championship, 04-09-2022. Reason, the farmer has tilled his land differently than intended and there is not the space available. Another race track was found, but in the last instance the permission was withdrawn or not granted.

| 19/08/2022 | Cancellation Int. youth weekend, 17-18.09.2022!

Hi all, due to lack of interest from international federations and riders, the club MSC Weilerswist is forced to cancel the youth event 17-18.09.2022. The Int. Youth Weekend will therefore not take place!

| 16/08/2022 | IMBA European Championship Open Class

Meijel has a 75-year tradition of motocross and will continue it. MCC Meijel organises a motocross weekend on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September at 'de Vossenberg'. The Saturday is for the youth and the club riders. Under the name BENEDU-Cup -this is an exchange between the Dutch, German and Belgian association- appear at the starting gate: The 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, beginners class, MX2 Youth (125cc), Quad special, Quad standard. Also on the programme are the Kids & Sidecars and an open club class for beginners and an open club class for advanced riders. On Sunday, the programme includes the European Championship MX Open Class and the 24MX National Motocross. Besides the European riders of the Open Class, the MX Open Seniors, the MX ...(read more)

| 14/08/2022 | IMBA Results of the Races on Mylaps

Hi guys, the IMBA results are now available on Mylaps under IMBA EC Race on the Germany page. Of course you can also find the results in the country where the IMBA race is held. Have fun!

| 09/08/2022 | IMBA European Ladies Championship in Warsage B

The European Ladies Motocross Championship in Warsage Belgium was in the hands of two Belgian riders, Steffi Laier (who is a native of Germany) and Brenda Wagemans, who had won the title of IMBA European Champion in 2019 before Corona came along. The two delivered exciting duels in all three heats, which also fully thrilled the more than 3000 spectators. Britt van der Werff from the Netherlands, who also took third place on the podium in Warsage, always followed at a clear distance.

| 21/07/2022 | IMBA Race Ladies NL 23.10.2022

Hello dear sports friends, there is a replacement date for the Ladies 23-10-2022 in Deurne NL.

| 08/07/2022 | Cancellation IMBA MX2 in Italy 18.09.2022 Arco di

Hello, unfortunately we have to inform you that again an event has to be cancelled from the IMBA calendar. The event of the MX2 class in Italy, Arco di Trento on 18.09.2022 can not take place because there are problems with the organizers. However, we will also evaluate an IMBA European Championship with 2 events, because we just have special times this year and special times also require special measures.

| 05/07/2022 | Internat. Youth Weekend Weilerswist 17-18 Sept.

Hello dear sports friends, here is the information and registration for the international youth weekend in Weilerswist Germany. I would like to ask you to pass on this important information to the relevant riders and ensure that we can once again hold a good, full international youth weekend at the IMBA. You can also pass on this information to riders who do not come from a country that is affiliated to the IMBA. These riders can also participate with payment of the entry fee and appropriate insurance.

| 22/06/2022 | Cancelled IMBA EM Ladies, 10.07.2022 Netherland

Hello dear sports friends, unfortunately we have to cancel the IMBA Ladies European Championship in the Netherlands 10.07.2022. There may be an alternative date later in the year. Let's hope so.

| 12/06/2022 | IMBA European Championship MX2 in Belgium.

IMBA European Championship MX2 in Belgium, daily standings after 3 runs. Belgian Ilan Heirwegh wins the day for the Belgian team with 3 heat victories, congratulations.

| 06/06/2022 | IMBA EM Open - Class Wisskirchen D

German double victory at the home GP of the IMBA European Championship Open Class in Wisskirchen. After a break of 2 years, the IMBA was able to compete again in the first race of the Open class in Wisskrichen, Germany. With three exciting races the participating drivers from, unfortunately only 5 of the 10 nations, thanked the organiser, the Club Wisskirchen and the DAMV. The timed practice already showed that the German drivers had a very strong line-up at the start. Dennis Platt and Pit Rickert took the starting positions 1 and 2 in front of the Belgian Jonas Salaets and Denis Wagemans as well as their compatriot Mattéo Puffet. In the first race Dennis Platt showed with a start-finish victory that the way to the day's victory ...(read more)

| 02/06/2022 | Open Class in Belgium 26-06-2022 Paal has been can

Hello sports friends, unfortunately we got the message today that the event in Paal/Beringen Belgium, on 26-06-2022, has to be cancelled for the Open class. The site was sold at short notice and the VMCF was unable to find another organiser.

| 30/05/2022 | First IMBA Race Sidecar Stevensbeek NL 2022

BY COBIE CLAESSENS DUTCH STRONG ON HOME GROUND After 2 years the IMBA riders could start again. The sidecars had their first European Championship of the 2022 season in St. Anthonis. Also this time the track was perfect and everything was taken care of. It is a pity that only 20 combinations from four different European countries appeared at the start. On behalf of the municipality Land van Cuijk, Maarten Jilissen spoke a word and on behalf of the IMBA, Guus Verlangen addressed the riders during the rider presentation. EK SLIDE SPAN The fastest time in practice was set by Frank Mulders/Aivar van de Wiel ahead of Tim Prümmer/Tobias Lange and the Bjorn and Sten van den Heuij brothers. In the first moto Tim Prümmer/Tobias Lange came ...(read more)

| 17/05/2022 | Cancellation of the EC event at Holice CR 22.05.20

Too bad, too bad: Cancellation of the European Championship event of the Open class in Holice Czech Republic on 22.05.2022! Unfortunately, the interest in participation is so low that the organiser has cancelled this class from his event. Of course it is a difficult time at the moment, everything has become more expensive and the interests after a 2 year break may have changed. But we should all try not to let the IMBA European Championship die. Let's hope that there will be better registration figures for Wisskirchen on 05.06. 2022.

| 26/04/2022 | Start IMBA European Championship 2022

For the first race in the Czech Republic on 22.05.2022, in Holice, I ask the riders to still register on the "old" website in time. Surely we all want to have a good IMBA European Championship team again soon and so I ask all federations to do their utmost to send riders to the events or to inform the IMBA secretary in time if they cannot participate.

| 09/03/2022 | IMBA Calendar 2022

Hello good day, here is the current IMBA schedule for 2022. Let's hope for a good season and a nice European Championship in all classes.

| 09/11/2021 | CSEN 10 years member of IMBA

Benoit Malta presents a certificate for 10 years of membership of the CSEN in the IMBA to Paolo Pandin

| 09/11/2021 | 50 years of MON

Benoit Malta presents a gift to Koen Pijpers, 1st Chairman of the MON. Congratulations on the anniversary, which actually already took place in 2020. In 1970, the association GeLimBra became MON and in 1976 MON joined IMBA, after the former members of IMBA (NMB) had transferred to KNMV.

| 09/11/2021 | Info about the IMBA Congress 2021

Hello sports friends, the IMBA Congress 2021 could be successfully concluded. The IMBA federations have already drawn up a provisional calendar for 2022, which can still be changed or filled up by 15.01.2022. The most important changes in the regulations have also been incorporated. - From 2022, e-bikes will also be allowed to compete in the IMBA classes, adapted to the classes and engines accordingly. - For the federations and organisers, a different mode of sending riders will apply for 2022. The federations are allowed to send more than 7 riders abroad, but must register this on the Monday before the event weekend. The organisers can fill up the number of starters to 40 solo, sidecar to 35 participants, if on the Tuesday before the ...(read more)

| 04/11/2021 | IMBA congress 2021

Hello, it's that time again, the IMBA Congress 2021 will take place live and real again this year. After a good 2-year break from Corona, delegates from the IMBA federations will meet in Horst, near Venlo in the Netherlands. On 05 - 07.11. 2021, the assembly will certainly have a few things to discuss. The preparations for the 2022 season, the rules, the sporting and financial concerns of the federations and also a friendly get-together in the evening will be part of this weekend. Two years without IMBA events should be enough. Next year they will try to create at least a small IMBA event calendar and hope that all organisers will be able to organise and carry them out. The riders and participants should of course be ready to travel to the ...(read more)

| 26/05/2021 | European Championship IMBA 2021

Hello dear sports friends, after the situation with Corona, with the travel restrictions, with the event requirements and therefore the lack of organisers who can do an IMBA event, the IMBA board has made the decision today to cancel the IMBA European Championship 2021.

| 03/03/2021 | Greetings from IMBA

Hello dear sports friends, I would like to address you all again today. We are all living on a low flame at the moment and it looks like it will be a while before we can go to a motocross event again. But we all should not forget the contact to other sports friends in the countries of the IMBA and herewith I would like to ask you all to send a short greeting to the other members, friends and sponsors of the IMBA family. Thank you very much, ps. me and my family are doing well and we have been spared from the virus so far. Let's hope it stays that way and that this stupid time will soon be behind us.

| 21/12/2020 | IMBA Weihnachten 2020

Hello everyone, on behalf of the IMBA I wish all members friends and family members of the IMBA a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2021 and above all I wish us all health and happiness and that we can start a motocross season again for 2021. Here again the latest status of the calendars, with the request to consider again, whether there is not one or the other date can still give. Willi Jütten, IMBA Secretary

| 26/09/2020 | IMBA Congress 2020

Hello, I hope you are all still alive and kicking and looking forward to a new season in 2021. There will be no congress this year, but I am sure that we can set up a schedule for the coming season and look forward to the future of IMBA with confidence. Please send your dates as soon as possible so that we can avoid overlaps. Of course, we may be forced to postpone or even cancel appointments due to Corona, but I think we need to plan first to have a 2021 season.

| 02/07/2020 | ISBERGUES cancels 22-08-2020

Hello The MC ISBERGUES cancels his IMBA night of August 22nd. Sorry Sincerely Jean Claude SABLE

| 14/05/2020 | Cancellation of the IMBA European Championship 202

Dear sports fans, the IMBA board of directors has today in its board meeting, via Skype, made the decision to cancel the IMBA European Championship for 2020. All cancelled events and also those that still have to be cancelled because no major events are allowed until 31.08.2020 show us that a regular European Championship would not be possible anymore. We hope that the federations can perhaps still make one or the other national event until the end of the year. We hope to be able to please you all again in 2021 with a nice IMBA European Championship and wish you all the best. Stay healthy, everybody. The IMBA Board

| 24/04/2020 | Cancellation IMBA EC Race in Allaire Fr, 18.07.202

Hello dear friends of sports now it is official that also the MX2 IMBA EM run 18.07.2020, in France Allaire has fallen victim to the corona crisis. If the travel and contact restrictions go on as they are, there will be some more races to cancel. We will see if there can be a regular IMBA European Championship this year. Until then we will all try to stay healthy.

| 11/04/2020 | IMBA Event 2020 in Feldkirch cancelled

Hello dear friends of IMBA, as you can see, another event for 2020, namely the race in Feldkirch Austria, side car and ladies has to be cancelled. We will see that it will not be the last event to be cancelled by the authorities and due to the Corona crisis. The countries still have the various travel and contact restrictions. But let's wait and see in detail. Here is the new IMBA schedule with the cancellation for Austria. Dear friends of sports, please stay healthy and keep your distance.

| 16/03/2020 | Cancelled Side car + Ladies in Great Britain 28-0

Hi All, It is with regret that the AMCA must cancel the Sidecar and Ladies IMBA that we have scheduled for the 28th June. The reason for this is that the club have lost the use of the track for the rest of the year and we cannot find another organiser in the current unstable situation. Many thanks Steve Harvey External & IT Manager AMCA Events Limited

| 13/03/2020 | Cancelled MX Open race in Schlatt CH 26-04-2020

Dear friends of motor sports The MX Open race in Schlatt is also cancelled! We are very sorry. We would have been proud to offer you a new, attractive race in Switzerland. For the organizing committee and the SAM Nick Hildebrand

| 13/03/2020 | Cancelled IMBA Race Billund Danmark 06/07 Juni 202

Dear hardworking Willi First I have to thank You for the constant work and commitment to Imba and all us Imba Countries!! Have You been informed, that our Danish Billund Imba event date 06/07 June has been CANNCELLED?? I sure hope and expect that You have had this information earlier!! We have indeed had a sad period in our Imba Dk situation, and the Danish Imba board have withdrawn them from the Danish Imba board. And then the Billund Club has CANNCELLED all Imba activities. Very sad, but the only thing to do, when the support and commitment from our Imba board has been withdrawn. Best Regards Dmcu Chairman Klaus Rafael

| 13/03/2020 | Motocross Wohlen Switzerland 2020

Esteemed motorsport friends, helpers, advertisers, sponsors... So now the time has come. Also we cannot escape the current situation and have to cancel with a heavy heart both the 65th Int. Motocross Wohlen from April 4-5, 2020 and the license-free Motocross Wohlen from March 29, 2020. The federal government has banned events with more than 100 people until the end of April. We understand this decision, health comes first, even if it is hard for us. A lot of heart and soul has been put into the organisation of these events, many hours of preparation work have been done, everything would be ready. And now this... but the current situation leaves no other option. We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who has ...(read more)

| 11/03/2020 | Cancellation IMBA Open in France

The decree of the French Ministry of Health of 9 March 2020, which partly states that any meeting attended by more than 1,000 people at the same time is prohibited on the national territory until 15 April 2020. The Club Baguer Pican does not have the prefecture's authorization, so the IMBA Open in France, on 05-04-2020 will unfortunately be cancelled. W. Jütten IMBA Secrfetary

| 07/03/2020 | Corona - Virus

As the coronavirus could also influence the first IMBA events in Switzerland and France, we will stay in contact with the organizing associations and inform the other associations via the media.

| 02/03/2020 | Sad news

Saturday, February 29th we received the sad news that (former IMBA driver) Erwin Robins on the return journey of a training course in Spain was killed in a serious traffic accident at the French Nimes. the other passengers including his father and chairman of MC Deurne Richard van der Horst are injured in hospital. Erwin's son remained unharmed. We wish Amanda and the Family of all involved a lot of strength in this sad time. IMBA Board

| 28/02/2020 | IMBA EC Race Side car 2020

Dear sports friends in a little more than a month the season for the IMBA championships starts. The club MC Wohlen would like all riders from the IMBA countries to attend the first race of the sidecar category. We are looking forward to as many participants as possible and guarantee exciting races. Please register your teams as soon as possible in the list on the IMBA website. I am looking forward to meeting you on Saturday afternoon at the IMBA bus in the paddock. Don't forget: The driver's presentation is on Saturday 19:30h. Best Regards Nick Hildebrand SAM

| 15/02/2020 | New Website

Hello, we are working on a new website. Soon the IMBA website will come with a new outfit and style. Dear members of IMBA, you can still register your riders for the first two events in Switzerland and France on 05.04.2020.

| 08/01/2020 | IMBA calendar 2020 changed

Hello sport friends, due to date overlaps the IMBA associations have decided to adjust the schedule in two dates. So the dates in the Netherlands, for the sidecars in Oss now on 11.10.2020 and the ladies in Reusel now on 04.10.2020, have been changed.

| 04/01/2020 | Happy new year

Hello dear sport friends, fans and members of IMBA, I wish you all a happy new year 2020 and a healthy season next year. Picture painted by Toni Luysberg

| 21/12/2019 | Merry Christmas

IMBA wishes all sports fans a wonderful, quiet, peaceful Christmas time and a happy New Year 2020, and an accident-free season.

| 04/12/2019 | Info Youth-EM 2020

For the internal. Youth weekend in Belgium there will be an extra information, but here already so much, The classes 50 ccm Mini, 65 ccm, 85 ccm and MX2 Youth are invited to race 2 times on 2 days. Schedule etc. will still be created. The IMBA EM class 85 cc and MX2 youth race once around the daily classification and the team cup, as well as and the EM. The other participants around the daily classification and team cup titles (the 2 best drivers of each country are evaluated for the TC). But there are also many other classes of VMCF that start this weekend, from classic motorcycles to juniors and inter classes, as well as veterans. There will be no extra registration fee, but ...(read more)

| 02/12/2019 | IMBA Calendar 2020-Stand 12-02

Hello, here is the next change / addition for the IMBA calendar 2020, status 02.12.2019 You see the change for Denmark. For time reasons the first training takes place on Saturday from 15 - 17 o'clock. On Sunday there will be another 2 rounds of training before the 15 minutes qualifying session.

| 28/11/2019 | News

Here are some interesting points for drivers at the IMBA European Championship 2020. "Unfortunately, there is no increase in the expense allowance, I probably switched the vote, there were more votes against an increase than for it. Maybe there will be more in 2021". But it's right: "there are no more restrictions regarding participation in World Championships and other races outside IMBA, everyone can participate in as many World Championships races as he/she wants." "The Nations Cup classification will be calculated on the last race day after the second run, so that the trophy can be awarded to the Nations Cup winning team on the same day.

| 21/11/2019 | IMBA Calendar 2020

Hello sport friends, here again the current IMBA calendar for 2020. The date for the ladies in Switzerland has changed from 20.09.2020 to 27.09.2020.

| 11/11/2019 | IMBA Congress 2019 Calendar 2020

Hello, here you can find the IMBA calendar 2020. The calendar can still change until 10.12.2019. Here are some interesting points for drivers at the IMBA European Championship 2020. "there are no more restrictions regarding participation in World Championships and other races outside IMBA, everyone can participate in as many World Championships races as he/she wants." "There is more compensation for the respective races". "The Nations Cup classification will be calculated on the last race day after the second run, so that the trophy can be awarded to the Nations Cup winning team on the same day.

| 06/11/2019 | 08.-10.11. 2019 IMBA Congress Hardelot France

The annual IMBA Congress takes place at the weekend, where delegates from IMBA countries will discuss regulations, schedules and much more.

| 13/10/2019 | IMBA EC Race Side car Oss NL

The first head has run and the two Mike Keuben / Zac Snell pick up in the /. Round the lead from the reigning champions FrankMulders / Aivar van de Wiel. The English Sam Osbaldiston / Nathan Cooper were third. For the German team things are going very badly. Tim Prümmer/Tobias Lange dropped out in qualifying and thus finished last at the start. Then a 15th place came out. At the start of the 2nd run there was a chrach in which the team Mike Keuben - Zac Snell were involved. Several teams gave up. But Keuben-Snel were able to continue quickly and got space for space until they took the lead again in lap 5. With this running result, ahead of the strongest competitors Mulders-Van de Wielkon, they prematurely won the IBA European Championship ...(read more)

| 30/09/2019 | IMBA EC Race Open and Side car Kleinhau D

The Belgian Glenn Bielen won the day in Kleinhau (D) ahead of Pascal Proenen and Robin Goldammer (both Germany). However, the championship classification was always in the safe hands of James Dodd, England, who was the new champion after the first race. (Congratulations) With the side cars, the race victories between Mike Keuben/Zack Snell (NL/GB) and the home team of the MSC Kleinhau Tim Prümmer/Tobias Lange were also a big issue. Also the Swiss Remo Inderbitzin/Andreas Lenherr mixed well. So it was always only shortly before the race that it was clear who could collect the 60 points. In the end it was always Keuben/Snell who won the race ahead of Prümmer/Lange 2x and Christian Hentrich/Andreas Heucken 1 x. On the podium in ...(read more)

| 22/09/2019 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Amriswil CH

Brenda Wagemans wins with the last race of the Ladies in Amriswil, Switzerland not only the victory of the day but also the European Championship 2019. The Swiss Sandra Kelle is 2nd in Amriswil, but has nothing to do with the outcome of the European Championship. Brit Jens -beken from the Netherlands was still hoping to overthrow Brenda from the throne, but Brenda always defended her lead and relegated Brit to second place in the championship. Amber Simons, who was 3rd in the European Championship before the race in Amriswil, was unlucky and could not finish the first run and could not compete in the last two runs. So after 3 good races the Dutch Cythia Swets took over this third place. Translated with

| 15/09/2019 | IMBA EC Race Open-Class Meijel NL

In the sand of Meijel the Dutch were once again "master of the house". Kay Ebben ahead of Jacky Tausch and the Belgian Glenn Bielen so the podium looked like a fair, sporty and exciting race weekend at the end. Kay won 2 x the race in 1 + 2 and Jacky closed the bag in the third run with a start-finish victory. The leader of the Championship, James Dodd (GB), had a hard time in the sand and was able to increase his points account with the places (7-6-8) ahead of his compatriot Andy Smart (8-8-10). Andy Smart was able to move up to 2nd place in the European Championship ranking, but the injured Stijn Verstrepen (B) could not compete. Also the injured German driver Pascal Proenen, Mike Adrian Braun, lost many points without a fight and ...(read more)

| 09/09/2019 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Groesbeek NL

The penultimate race of the women's European Championship took place last Sunday on the hard track of the MBC de Zeven Heuvelen in Groesbeek. The decision will be made on 22 September in Amriswil, Switzerland. With a difference of 18 points, Brenda Wagemans leads the standings ahead of Britt Jans-Beken. Again, the course was perfectly prepared and the club had everything under control. Before the first run of the IMBA ladies, they were presented to the public and welcomed by the deputy mayor of the municipality of Berg en Dal, to which Groesbeek belongs. Britt Jans-Beken's fastest time in training was recorded. She managed to leave Brenda Wagemans and Amber Simons behind. In the first run Cynthia Swets was the fastest from the start, ...(read more)

| 08/09/2019 | IMBA EC Race Side car Kersbeek B

The Netherlands-Belgium-Netherlands is also on the podium at the sidecar race in Kersbeek, Belgium. The Dutchman Mike Keuben/Zac Snell also take the lead in the EM. The previous leaders fall back with bad luck to 5th place in the European Championship. The Belgians Christian Corthouts/Levis Vaes are on the podium in Kersbeek with the 2nd place ahead of the Dutch Frank Mulders/ Aivar v.d. Wiel from the race in Belgium. Translated with

| 08/09/2019 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Groesbeek NL

The Netherlands-Belgium-Netherlands looks like this on the podium at the ladies' race in Groesbeek. On home GP, Britt Jans-Beken wins ahead of Brenda Wagemans, leader in the European Championship, and Abmer Simon (NL). Britt had won all 3 runs before. The lead of the championship remains before the last race in Amriswil, Switzerland on 22.09., in hands of Brenda Wagbeman (B).

| 31/08/2019 | IMBA EC Race Side car Kersbeek B

Hello dear sport friends, the driver presentation is in Kersbeek B, for the sidecars on Saturday at 19.30 o'clock

| 25/08/2019 | IMBA EC Race Open Huldenberg B

First run in the IMBA Open has been run. James Dodd (GB) ahead of Glenn Bielen (B) and Nicolaj Damsgaard (DK) EM Leader James Dodd (GB) can further extend his lead. In the heat and dust battle the second run went to Jacky Tausch (NL), ahead of Glenn Bielen (B) and the leader EM James Dodd. So the third run has also been history and the winners on the podium. Glenn BIielen (B) could be at the top of the podium. In the last 10 m of the last race he overtook Jacky Tausch, the runner-up on the podium. Almost on the finish line he won the race and thus the day's victory for the Belgian team. Third on the podium was James Dodd, who still holds the lead of the championship.

| 04/08/2019 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Warsage B

Brenda Wagemans, the reigning champion of the ladies, takes the yellow shirt with 3 victories and thus the lead in the European Ladies Championship. The British Chelsea Gowland had bad luck with the machine in the 2nd run and already in Ronde 2 she was far back, but was able to finish the run. The Dutch women were top on the hard clay soil and took the other two places on the podium. Britt Jans-Beken was 2nd and Amber Simons 3rd place 4 went to the compatriot Cyntia Swets. From Switzerland 3 girls had arrived and Michelle Zünd could become the best in the team SAM with rank 5.

| 22/07/2019 | Surprising MX2 championship

A rebounding year and championship for MX2 The race of Allaire has upset a situation that was almost certain. Everyone was thinking of a last battle between Ray Rowson and Glenn Bielen. It was without counting on important racing facts. A puncture for Ray during the first heat, and an injury in the second.. Mechanical problems in the second and third heat for Glenn, while everything predestined to be champion. A real opportunity for Randy Morand (SAM) to take the lead in the final race ... and for Matteo Zecchin (CSEN) to complete the final podium. Congratulations to Randy and Matteo. We wish also courage for Glenn and Ray, who are naturally very disappointed with this unlucky race.

| 21/07/2019 | IMBA EC Race MX2 Allaire Fr

Englishman Dean Luke wins all 3 races at the Night EM race in Allaire France, ahead of Frenchman Quentin Nowak and Swiss Randy Morand. But Morand takes the lead in the European Championship, ahead of Glenn Bielen from Belgium and Matteo Zecchin from Italy.

| 30/06/2019 | IMBA EC Race Lower Drayton Farm

Ladies in Lower Dayton, England: Chelsea Gowland from Great Britain won the first race of the IMBA European Ladies Championship at home GP with 3 victories, ahead of Brenda Wagemanns, Belgium and Britt Jans-beken from the Netherlands. Side car in Lower Drayton England: Day victory for a German team has not happened for a long time. Tim Prümmer with co-driver Tobis Lange (3-1-3) make the day's victory clear, ahead of Dutchman Frank Mulders and Beifaher Aivar van de Wiel. The British could celebrate the team Sam Osbaldiston, Nathan Cooper on the 3rd place of the podium at the home race. Team Andreas Clohse / Marius Strauss, starting for Germany, took the lead in the European Championship classification.

| 02/06/2019 | IMBA EC Race MX2 Koningshooikt B

Glenn Bielen, Belgium, wins the day with the placings (2-3-2). The Swiss Randy Morand managed with (1-4-3) rank 2 with only 1 point difference and the Italian Giacomo Zancarini with the places (5-2-5) rises on the podium.

| 25/05/2019 | IMBA Race MX2 Germany 18-08-2019 cancelled

Hello dear sport friends, the next bad news reaches us from club Ohlenberg ; DAMCV. The club has to cancel its event on 18.08.2019 and thus also the IMBA run of the class MX2. There is no other organizer who can take over the date. Thus the IMBA EM run in Germany will be cancelled for 2019. The class MX2 will be judged with the 3 events, Belgium, England, France as European Championship.

| 13/05/2019 | IMBA Race Open, Krasny Dvur CR

The Belgian Stijn Verstrepen wins the European Championship GP in Krasny Dvur Czech Republic, ahead of the European Championship leader James Dodd from Great Britain. Third on the podium will be, as already in Arleux, France, Pascal Proenen, Germany. A mixed field of 30 starters, from 8 nations, NL, GB, D, B, CH, F, DK, CR, started on Sunday for the second championship run of the season. But James Dodd remains wearer of the yellow jersey as leader of the European Championship.

| 10/05/2019 | IMBA Race Ladies 2019 Germany

IMBA appointment Ladies 2019 Germany Hello dear sport friends, the IMBA EM race in Arnoldsweiler, Germany, for the ladies was unfortunately cancelled by the organizer. There will be no alternative date.

| 24/04/2019 | IMBA Side car Race Baguer Pican France

Hello all members of IMBA, the sidecar race in France from 09.06.2019 in Baguer Pican has to be cancelled because of problems with the organizer. There will be no alternative date. IMBA Secretary Willi Jütten

| 15/04/2019 | IMBA Calendar 2019

Hello, see the new Calendar We have to cancel the Race for Side car in Baguer Pican, France, but UFOLEP is stil looking for an other Organizer, on the same Date!

| 10/04/2019 | Riders Presentation Wohlen

Dear sportsfriends Please be aware that the riders presentation is on Saturday evening. We meet at 17:20 in front of the tent. The advantage is that you will face less stress before the first heat. Before the first heat there will be an introduction round. Hence please be 5 minutes earlier at the gate. See you in Wohlen Nick Hildebrand SAM IMBA-Leiter

| 18/03/2019 | IMBA Registration riders

So the IMBA MX season is just around the corner, let's let them in! You can register the participants for each race on the IMBA website! 14.04.2019 IMBA Open - Class in Arleux France 14.04.2019 IMBA Side car in Wohlen Switzerland

| 20/02/2019 | IMBA calendar 2019

Hello you see the changes in the calendar 2019 The IMBA Congress 2019 will take place in France on 08 - 10 November!

| 24/12/2018 | Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello dear sport friends, the IMBA wishes all friends of motocross a peaceful, Christmas season and all the best for the 2019 season.

| 22/12/2018 | IMBA Youth - Weekend 2019

If there should be an international youth weekend in 2019 (only DAM and MON) interests have registered. But you still have to find an organizer. These can still be placed on the IMBA calendar until the end of January. It should then proceed according to the "old" pattern (classes from 50 ccm up to the veteran classes) which will not compete for a title of the European Championship. There will then be a Team-Nation-Cup evaluation, the mode of which will be included in the youth regulations.

| 13/12/2018 | Information - Rules

Hello under Buttom "Regulations and Forms" you will find the new regulations, forms and information for the season 2019. Good luck in 2019

| 18/11/2018 | IMBA Congress 2018

Hello everybody, I hope all congress participants had a good and healthy trip home. See here the current IMBA calendar for 2019 as it has been decided at the congress. Changes in dates or adding dates is still possible until 19.12.2018. For the organisation of a youth weekend in Germany or the Netherlands, we give the associations until 15.01.2019 to add this to the calendar. The youth weekend should preferably take place during the school holidays (June-July). It should then be a competent weekend for all classes 50 cc, 65, cc, 85, Mx2 (plus if necessary seniors = > 35, veterans = > 45 ? or hobby class?). If there is a youth weekend, the IMBA will evaluate a Team-Nation-Cup and there will be a trophy for the 3 best teams. The points ...(read more)

| 30/09/2018 | IMBA EM Final Sidecar in Meijel NL

Between the Dutchmen Frank Mulders / Henry v / d Wiel and Mike Keuben / Lars de Laat 42 points were in favor of Mulders / v / d Wiel for the first race and they also got the best time for the last 3 races. In the first race but Keuben / de Laat could enter the win and chew on 6 points. But to still get the title, many points still have to be made good. Tim Prümmer / Tobias Lange (D) still had hopes for third place in the championship, because the third-placed, the Swiss Marco Boller / Marius Strauss were not due to an injury of Marco Boller in Meijel. But as the devil so plays, the two Germans had to abandon the race with a defective clutch lying in third place after 4 laps. Thus, the point yield was not exactly high to endanger Boller ...(read more)

| 23/09/2018 | IMBA EM Side car goes to the Final

The Swiss Marco Boller and Marius Strauss spoil the third race and thus important points for a podium finish at home race in Amriswil CH. The podium goes to the Netherlands, with Mulders / v / d Wiel on 1, Keuben / de Laat 2, and Germany Prümmer / Lange 3. Frank Mulders and Henry van de Wiel (NL) clearly show that they want to clinch the title at the last race of the season at home in Meijel next Sunday. As big competitors, their compatriots Mike Keuben and Lars de Laat are still able to claim the title 42 points behind. Boller / Strauss are currently in third place, 151 points behind. Rank 4 is currently occupied by German team Tim Prümmer and Tobias Lange, who secured the 3rd podium finish in the daily standings in Switzerland, ahead of ...(read more)

| 02/09/2018 | IMBA EC Race Ladies at Belgium Beringen Paal

Brenda Wagemans, (B), wins the home GP in Belgian Beringen at the IMBA European Ladies Championship with three race wins. Sandra Keller (CH) is 2nd on the podium with (3-2-3) places, ahead of Cynthia Swets (NL) with (5-4-8) this place. The complete list of results can be found at results

| 02/09/2018 | IMBA EC race Open Beggingen CH

The Swiss Cyrill Scheiwiller (2-1-1) and the Lichtensteiner Luca Bruggmann (1-4-2) take first and second place in the daily standings in front of their home crowd. The German Lucas Platt makes the third place on the podium with the places (3-7-2) perfect. However, the championship goes to the Briten Josh Watermann in front of compatriots Shane Carless and James Dodd. More about the day and championship standings can be found at results

| 27/08/2018 | IMBA European Championship Final 85 cc and MX2 You

The weather was good, the track and everything around it very well prepared by the MCC Weilerswist and so you could start with good conditions in the season finale of the IMBA youth. There had been four events and the leaders in the two championships had completed a total of 13 individual races, since some events were carried out with 4 and others with 3 races. In Weilerswist there were three on Sunday and all 3 race wins went to the Dutchman Scott Smulders, who had already written in the Netherlands 2 race wins on his flags. The leader in the championship Jan Krug, (D) was able to defend his points advantage well enough with the running results (2-3-2) that even the on 2 placed, in the championship, the Dane Hugi Kristoffersen, no longer ...(read more)

| 19/08/2018 | IMBA EC Open-Class Ohlenberg D

British dominate the European Championship of amateurs in Ohlenberg-Linz -Rhein With perfect organization and preparation, the women and men of the MCC Ohlenberg were under the chairmanship of Wolfgang Brassel. In addition, in combination with the experienced functionaries of the DAMCV, German Amateur Moto Cross Association, helped the entire event to the verdict "perfect". The automatic irrigation system, which was built in the meantime, was put into operation shortly after each race, so that despite the summer heat the clayey course was kept in optimal condition without the slightest dust. Added to this was the minute-exact handling of all 22 training and racing events. Around 2000 spectators experienced top-class motocross sport on ...(read more)

| 27/07/2018 | A final greeting to Marcel Discart ......

The sudden death of Marcel Discart did not go unnoticed. Many thousands of reactions to the social media prove that Marcel has appealed to many people during his impressive motocross career. To give everyone the opportunity to say a personal farewell, there will be an opportunity for greetings on Tuesday 31 July 2018 between 7 and 7.30 pm. Address: Funerarium Van Hove, Grote Markt 42, 2260 Westerlo. For the last 'Way' of Marcel the family chose to do this in private.

| 22/07/2018 | IMBA Youth Weekend in Berghem Netherlands

On the new course in Berghem "Zevenbergen" it was time for the third exchange of the IMBA Youth 85 cc and MX2. Many riders only participate in individual races and so 29 participants were enrolled in Berghem. The Dutchman Ivano van Erp was not only fastest in training but also took the lead right from the start in the first race. With Romano Aspers it was a compatriot who followed in and the Dane Jayden Young Schmidt followed on rank 3. With rag 4 the leader in the cghapionship of the 85 cc class, Jan Krug (D) also was well in the race and could thus his points account fill up again great. The MX2 guys also had riders who were not at any IMBA youth competitions before and so the championship list will change again after this weekend. Raf ...(read more)

| 16/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race Side car Norley GB

Frank Mulders-Henry Van De Wiel, the reigning IMBA champions of the side car class from the Netherlands, continue to push the rivals to the master stamp. Both races decided for themselves. The third race had to be canceled after the women's race had been stopped and time for helicopter rescue was given priority. Mulders - Vd Wiel 1-1 (1) ((608)) continue to lead the leaderboard with reassuring advantage. In England, the Swiss Marco Boller-Marius Strauss drove again a very consistent diciplated Rernnen 3-2 (2) ((524)) and thus remain with the Dutchman Mike Keuben - Lars De Laat 2-4- (3) ((560)) in the overall ranking close on the heels. The best Britons in fourth place were Tony Grahame - Harley Lloyd 5-3- (4) ((387)). The grandson of IMBA ...(read more)

| 15/07/2018 | IMBA EC 85cc and MX2 youth and open class.

If Murphy's Law strikes, a day's program has no chance. When things go wrong ...... The start of the Open had to be stopped immediately before the 15 second table, because all doctors and ambulances were busy with an accident from the previous race. Before it went on then zack 30 minutes have passed. The start of the open class was then after 14.oo clock from the startgate and had to be canceled after the first round. An accident in which the German Alex Farkas injured forced the organizer in turn to stop everything until the doctors were with Alex so far that he could be transported to hospital. Of course we wish Alex all the best and speedy recovery from here. The British were unbeatable on the hart track in Krasny Dvur. The open ...(read more)

| 09/07/2018 | Sidecar IMBA - France - in Vierzon

Frank Mulders - Henry Van De Wiel take the lead in the side car IMBA 21 starters from six nations lined up for the third round of IMBA sidecars in Vierzon in the "Center Val DE Loire" in summer heat for further competition. Over 30 degrees demanded the athletes from a high condition. Under emphatically friendly and respectful races, there was an international podium. Mulders-Vd Wiel 1-4-1 (1) pushed their fellow countrymen Mike Keuben - Lars De Laat 19-1-5 (6) out of the top of the table and allowed themselves to go over the "Malin Jaune". The only Swiss in France were Marco Boller - Marius Strauss 2-2-2 (2), who continued to make their rounds like a clockwork and continue to work in third place on the table. Third in Vierzon were the ...(read more)

| 08/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race Youth 07. - 08. Juli 2018 Genk B

Hello dear sports friends, in the result of the IMBA race unfortunately a mishap happened during the evaluation of the races. The score could only be corrected afterwards and the official placements are the result created by IMBA only.

| 05/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race Youth 07. - 08. Juli 2018 Genk B

Hello everyone, please register your youth driver for the weekend in Genk Belgium 07. - 08. July 2018 All the organizing association should also register the drivers on the IMBA website, we have to prepare the computers for the events. Thank you

| 01/07/2018 | IMBA EC Race MX2 - Side car Feldkirch Austria

For the first time in the time of its existence, the IMBA has performed in Austria. This was made possible by the good cooperation of the SAM = Swiss member of the IMBA and the association MCCM Feldkirch under the direction of Michael Zimmermann and his many, many tireless helpers. Michael Zimmermann writes in his greeting to the audience and guests, I quote: "We as organizers have spared no expense and effort to organize a perfect race weekend". I can say that they have succeeded completely! In the two classes of the IMBA MX2 and sidecar were each very great and strong driver fields, so that the numerous appeared spectators, now 39 years, spectacular races could be offered for a European Championship. We all saw 6 individual races that ...(read more)

| 24/06/2018 | IMBA EC Race Lower Drayton Farm Mx2 and Open

Twice a British podium at the Home Grand Prix in Lower Drayton. The British Luke Burton, Ray Rowson and Lewis King were the winners in the Mx2 class, with Luke 2 and Ray Rowson could write 1 race victory on his flag. In the overall classification Luke had the most points and was on the top spot at the award ceremony. The best non-islander was the Belgian Glenn Bielen, who finished fourth in the daily standings ahead of the Italian Filippo Ballin. The lead in the championship and the yellow jersey after 6 races is still in the hands of Ray Rowson (GB). In the Open class, the race wins also went to the British team, with Josh Waterman, 1st run, Shane Carless, 2nd run and Paul Neale 3rd run. Paul Neal had a failure in the first race, so ...(read more)

| 21/06/2018 | IMBA EC Race Lower Drayton Farm

At Lower Drayton(Penkridge) Great Britain, will we have the next event for the IMBA europeanschampionship 2018 for the Mx 2 class an the first race for the Open class. You will find it 52°44'03.12 N 2°06'22.17 W

| 10/06/2018 | IMBA European Championship Youth 2018

IMBA European championship for the youth drivers. 85cc and MX2 youth start in Belgium, Genk 07. - 08.07. So 2 days, 2 runs each, in Cesko Republik, Krasny Dvur 15.07. only 3 runs on Sundays, in the Netherlands, Berghem 21. - 22.07. Sat. 2 Sun. 2 runs, as well as in Great Britain, Lower Drayton (Penkridge) 18. - 19.08. also each 2nd runs. In Germany, Weilerswist 26.08. only on sundays 3 runs. There will be the award ceremony for the first 3 places of the IMBA Youth Championship. Additional classes for the 50 cc mini or 65 cc are possible at any time and you can get information on the relevant websites of the organizer associations

| 02/06/2018 | IMBA Race at Koningshooikt, Belgium cancelled

Hello all, The race for Sunday 03.06. at Belgium, in Koningshooikt has to be cancelled unfortunately due to heavy rain. Too much rain and everything is under water! IMBA Board

| 25/05/2018 | Albertus Wilhelm Jan (AB) Moerman

Once again we must say goodbye to one of our Sport friends, out the motocross family. Albertus Wilhem Jan (Ab) Moerman, who for many, many years as IMBA board member (sports director, vice-chairman) helped shape the concerns of the IMBA, died on 23.05.2018. Ab was 83 years old and never lost the Interest at motocross until old age. We, the motocross family of the IMBA mourn with his Familie for a dear, fair sportsman and friend. We wish the families much strength to overcome this loss. The funeral will take place on 29.05.2018 at 2.00 pm in the Aula Vacalis at the Crematorium Beuningen, Schoenaker 12th in Beuningen. Anyone who personally wishes to bid farewell to Ab Moerman, can do so beforehand at the aforementioned auditorium, in ...(read more)

| 08/05/2018 | IMBA EC Race Side car Arnoldsweiler D

Team Keuben / Lars De Laat win the first start of the sidecar in Arnoldsweiler. Frank Mulders / Henry v / d Weil, second and Marco Boller / Marius Strauss third. Best German team Christian Hentrich / Stefan Effertz with 14th place. Tim Prümmer / Tobias Lange had to finish the field after the first lap and finished in 27th place. The race no. 2 had to be stopped in the first round because of a fall. At the re-start the Germans Tim Prümmer / Tobias Lange are among the first 3. They finish the race as third, behind the winner Frank Mulders / Henry v / d Wiel and the second Dutch team Mike Keuben / Lars De Laat. Tim Prümmer / Tobias Lange are also among the top three in the third run, Mike Keuben / Lars De Laat and Frank Mulders / Henry v ...(read more)

| 01/05/2018 | IMBA EC Side car Arnoldsweiler 06.05.2018

IMBA European Sidecar Championship in Arnoldsweiler (Alt Steinstrass-Elsdorf) next weekend, 06.05. 2018. So far, 33 teams from 7 nations have registered for this first exchange in the IMBA European Championship of Sidecars and surely exciting and spectacular races are expected on Sunday. Start will be for the whole spectacle at about 9:00 am with the first practice and then at 11:00 am the time training that will be decisive for the starting grid for the 3 races starting at 1:30 pm. In addition to the Belgian teams, favorites include the Dutch and Swiss, as well as new teams from Austria. But we hope that also our German teams can drive in the demanding ranks. Excitement at the first IMBA European Championship race of the sidecars. And ...(read more)

| 16/04/2018 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Wohlen CH

The first race of the ladies in Wohlen Switzerland is won by the Dutchwoman Lianne Muilwijk !. The second race goes to the reigning European champion Brenda Wagemans, Belgium. The third run goes to the Englishwoman Chelsea Gowland. So the podium is filled with international winners Lianne Muilwijk (NL), Brenda Wagemans (B), and Chelsea Gowland (GB).

| 27/03/2018 | Did you know that?

- That also drivers from countries can participate in the IMBA European Championship, which are not members of the IMBA! Here are some informations: You can find more at or at the IMBA secretariat. - Participation of individual drivers from "Not" IMBA member countries at the European Championships: - Only 2 participants from each country may be admitted with the approval of the IMBA management, if a few points have been clarified. 1. Drivers are allowed to participate in EK (EE.M.) or WM (FIM) or other World Championship / European events a maximum of 3 times and also earn points there. If a FIM event and an IMBA event take place on the same day, they must attend the IMBA class / event. 2. The driver participating in ...(read more)

| 03/03/2018 | IMBA EC Moto cross Ladies 15.04.2018

Hello, April 15th we have the fist race for the IMBA season 2018. The Ladies class starts in Wohlen Switzerland and so your can register your rider please. The Organizer would like to print all names in there prgramm book. Please register your riders on the IMBA Website.

| 14/02/2018 | IMBA Ladies Belgium 02.09.2018

Hello all, we have found a solution for a date. See the new calendar Stand:14-02-2018

| 17/12/2017 |

Schöne Festtage und ein Glückliches Neues Jahr Prettige kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuw jaar Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Stastne a vesele vanoce a stastny novy rok! Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année! Glaedelig Jul og godt nyter IMBA Board

| 18/11/2017 | Some new’s of the IMBA congress 2017

1. „Drivers who live in a country that is a member of the IMBA, can with the agreement of the two national associations, start for the country in which they live, work and have a residence status. The application must be submitted via the IMBA secretary, with a copy of the passport and the residence status 2. Raise funds for the ladies to 100%. 3. Riders may Maximum 3 times participate on EC/ Nation cup (UEM) or WC/ European races (FIM) and get points. If there is a FIM Competition and a IMBA Competition on the same Day, the have to ride at the IMBA Competition; 4. The driver who in two championships (FIM / UEM and IMBA) participates must participate alongside his IMBA home event also at least 2 other EM events of IMBA. (It does not ...(read more)

| 04/10/2017 | Bad news from MOTOCROSS

Very concerned we must inform you, the sports friend Martin Kobi passed away. Martin took part in the Motocross in Amriswil in the classic side car class and was heavily overthrown. He was very quickly taken care of and brought to the hospital, where long days of hope and waiting for a miracle. Unfortunately, he died as a result of the accident. For many years Martin drove side car races and he was a member of the SAM for 30 years. In the last years he always took part in veteran side car races. We would like to express our deep compassion to his family and friends. We wish them strength for the coming time to cope with this loss SAM Central Board of Directors SAM Sports Commission Source: SAM Central Board, SAM Sports ...(read more)

| 21/08/2017 | A tragic accident at the Moto cross in Beggingen /

The 34th Motocross in Beggingen / SH from this weekend was overshowed by a tragic accident. Armin Sprenger, who has been racing for many years in the SAM Motocross race, fell at a jump. In spite of the immediate introduction, Armin unfortunately died of the consequences of his injuries. The event was canceled immediately after the accident.   Armin Sprenger Armin Sprenger has not only been riding the SAM Motocross (the last years among the senior citizens) for many years, he was the team at the cross team Hühnerstall and a very dedicated SAM member. He was the OK President of the traditional motocross Wängi and served as president of the SAM section Lauchetal-Lommis. Armin was a chrampter, who did not talk long, but followed his deeds. ...(read more)

| 04/08/2017 | IMBA EC Race MX2 Italy 27-08-2017 Info

Hello everybody, the informations about the race and presentation in Italy MX2 IMBA Race at 27.08.2017 ? See the Time of Presentation SATURDAY 26.08. !!!!! We, CSEN will make the presentations on Saturday at 19.30 o'clock in the square at Recoaro Terme. There will be lots of people because there is a traditional party of the community that hosts us. The track is 10 minutes away and we have planned to transport riders from the track to the square from 18.00. For all the riders, a mechanic and the leader of the organizers offers a first dish of "gnocchi con fioretta" and a drink. From 20.30 onwards the shuttle bus will begin to bring the riders back to the track. It is very important that all the riders are present at 19.30 in the ...(read more)

| 18/06/2017 | IMBA European Championship Grenaa Denmark.

Bright sunshine this morning and the few clouds are also moving rapidly across the sea towards Sweden. In the sandy course of Motocrossklub Grenaa everything was well prepared for this motocross Sunday with 3 IMBA classes IMBA Open, Youth 85 cc, Mx2. In the 85 cc class the Dutchman Oscar Hakkert took the best time, before Remo Schudel from Switzerland and Frederik Eskildsen from Denmark. The Mx2 saw again a dutchman with best time for Boyd v.d. Voorn before Mikkel Ziller and Kasper Baek Iversen, Denmark. In the "big" the Open class was the local hero, Jim Soerensen, who brought the best time before Luke Burton; Great Britain and Nicolaj Damsgaard, Denmark. At the presentation, there was another commemorative minute for Pit Vergoossen; ...(read more)

| 11/06/2017 | IMBA Mx 2 European Championship in Belgium,

The two Britons Raymond Rowson and Josh Waterman take the first run in Belgium already quite clearly for themselves. While Rowson won the start and also the run, Waterman has the 2nd rank fully under control. He is followed by the Belgian Kristof Van Vaerenbergh on the verses, but in the start round he falls back to rank 13 and later he works again to the 10th place. The Italian Riccardo Vitaliani had started on 4th and took the third place, which he also took to the finish. Jacky Tausch had started only in 9th place, but the Dutchman continued to advance in the course of the race and took 4th place. The EM Leader Joshua v.d. Linden was able to get away with starting rank 5 well and took this rank also during the racs and finish. Best in ...(read more)

| 09/06/2017 | IMBA European Championship youth 2017

Hello dear Organisations, drivers and friends of IMBA, At the congress last year the countiers decided the class MX2 youth only for 2 stroke machines. Now we see that the decision not realy works in the reality. The most of riders in the countries do have 4 stroke machines for the class MX2youth. The IMBA Board would like to help all Organizers to have full start gates and a good race, and also a better Championship. We from IMBA Board cancel the rules for this class, "to ride only with 2 stroke machines". So it is free to ride with 2 stroke or 4 stroke machines, and the age from 13. until 17. years. We hope to see more riders in Greena Denmark, Overloon Netherlands, Weilerswist Germany. W. Jütten IMBA Board

| 04/06/2017 | IMBA European Championship MX2 Stevensbeek NL

The first race of the MX2 drivers of the IMBA took place in the Dutch sand of the "Radiocircuit" Stevensbeek. On the day of Pentecost sunny weather awaited us, after which there had been a strong rain shower the night before. The free practice was started at 9.12 h and 24 participants were at the starting gate. The best time went to Joshua van der Linden (NL) in front of his countryman Jacky Tausch. The Belgian Axel Nijs finished third in front of Glenn Bielen (B). With 5th place saw the time keeping the Italien Riccardo Vitaliani. The first run was from 13.15 h and the German team had to log out completely, because Sandro Lorsbach had problems with the shoulder and Niklas Raths with his "old" knee injury. The start went to the Dutch ...(read more)

| 30/04/2017 | IMBA Ladies at Genk, Belgium

Sunny wether at the circuit Hoeresbergdam at Genk, Belgium. First practice startet at 9.15hour. The Time practice was in hand of Steffi Laier, D, and the Australien Emma Milesevic and Brenda Wagemans; B. After the presentation, the first run was started at 1:05 pm and the first round was for Steffi Laier, who had the Australian women, right from the start, on her rear wheel. In round 5, Steffi had a crash with one of her country mates and fell back to second place. Gwenda Haans, Nl, who was currently leading the IMBA rating, had started by Patz 4 and had meanwhile advanced to Brenda Wagenmans, B, and advanced to rank 3. Brenda, however, was able to defend her 4 th place before Fiona Hoppe, D. With rank 6, the Englishman Bethany Farmer ...(read more)

| 15/04/2017 | Our Friend Piet Vergoossen

Dear sporting friends, A new painful stage for our sport and IMBA organization. Willi and myself, who have been with the IMBA for more than 20 years, have unfortunately experienced the departure of several pillars of our sport (Toon Klomp, Jan Cox, Lionel Beck, Jan Sefl, ...... ) Once again, for them and their memory, we must redouble our energy in order to continue the path they have shown us. Piet joined us at the 2009 congress in Ebnat-Kappel (CH) after a long collaboration with the MON federation in the youth events. During all these years, he made us benefit from his experience. His career as a teacher also brought him wisdom. It has often been helpful in making difficult and important decisions. At our last IMBA internal ...(read more)

| 14/04/2017 | Piet Vergoossen, Vize Chairman of IMBA is died!

Hello all members and sportfriends of IMBA unfortunately we have a bad new's voor all people in our association. our friend and college for motor sport Piet Vergoossen is died on Wednesday. He was in a hospital for a operation at his heart. We all are very sad to loose a big friend. At the moment we are thinking about Piet, he was every times a good worker for our sport in especially for youth. So he works many years for MON and IMBA and we will remember on his friendship. Piet wherever you went to, you ever be in our heart. we from IMBA Board wish his wife and his childern, many strength, to cope with this loss. W. Jütten, IMBA Secretary The funeral will take place on Friday the 21.04.2017 at 11.oo clock in ...(read more)

| 02/04/2017 | IMBA Race Side car Wohlen Switzerland

IMBA Race side car Wohlen, Switzerland is done. The Swiss team Andy Bürgler / Martin Betschart winns all three races and the dayresult. On place two finisht the team Jarno van de Boomen / Dennis van de Builck, from Netherlands/Belgium. Third Place for team Marco Heinzer / Ruedi Betschart, from Switzerland. All Results you find on the Website:

| 23/03/2017 | IMBA Calendar Information

Hello all, the race for Open-Class at Hasle Rüegsau BE, Switzerland, on 21.of Mai 2017 must be cancelled, and we can not do a new date in 2017. So we have 6 Races for the Championship 2017. W. Jütten IMBA Secretary

| 12/02/2017 | Regsitation riders

Hello all Federations of IMBA! The next Season is comming soon! The first race will be at the 02th of April in Wohlen Switzerland. The Side car riders are very welcome and please register all your Teams early so the Organizer can print his program with all riders. Willi Jütten IMBA Secretary

| 01/01/2017 | Happy new year and a good season 2017

We wish all our gilsfrinds and frinds of our sport a good start in the season 2017, good luck und many satisfaction with your resulst. IMBA Board

| 13/11/2016 | IMBA Congress 2016

The Congress is done and we had have a nice and friendly weekend by these congress organized by the IMBA Federation AMCA. AMCA in these year 50 years a member of IMBA had in these years done a good work for IMBA. Many riders from England participant on the races and many riders was European Champion of IMBA. The first Side car Champion 1967 from Great Britain Archie Graham / Arthur James and in 2016 Jack Etheridge / Scott Grahame, the Grandchild of Archie. It shows as that the IMBA is a very big Family. At the congress was a lot of points who we have decided after some friendly discussion. Any of these Points: 1. Point: Riders may participate on EC/ Nation cup (UEM) or WC/ European races (FIM) and get points. If there is a FIM ...(read more)

| 29/08/2016 | OPEN WINGLES FRANCE 2016

Despite a very low number of participants (22), we have had a great race. A race hardly runned from beginning to end. Hotly contested between several riders/nations. At the end, for a "grande premiere", we saw an overall victory for a French driver (David Marty). That was naturally perfect for a lot of French spectators who were at this event.

| 17/07/2016 | MX2 ALLAIRE FRANCE 2016

Allaire 2016, an excellent vintage. A very well prepared track, a very good organisation and sun. Nothing better to make a success of this event dominated by J Cuppen (NL). We find different nations to the first position (Watterman GB is 2, Schepmans B is 3, Selent D is 4.... What a fun for the large public. Thank you to the organizers.

| 09/07/2016 | IMBA European Championship Youth-Weekend Overloon

Hello we start with the youth weekend in Overloon, Netherland. Sunny weather. The sandy circuit is very good prepared by the Man of MSV Overloon with chariman Olaf van Dommelen. Best Time in the 85 cc class is for Niels van Duijn, and by the Mx2 youth is for Peter Hank, Nl.

| 16/06/2016 | IMBA EC Race MX2 at Belgium

on Sunday 19.06. is cancelled Dear Mr .... It is with regret that I have to inform you that we need to cancel the motocross of Koningshooikt of upcoming weekend. Due to the consistent rain of the last days (and weeks) the track is flooded. So it really impossible to ride. Can you please inform all concerned countries and riders? We are very sorry for the inconvenience this might cause. Kind regards. VMCF Board, IMBA Board

| 12/06/2016 | IMBA European Championship Side car in Baguer Pica

The English team Etheridge / Grahame wins the day victory with 3 run victories. The Swiss Boller / Strauss can take place two in front of the Belgians Corthouts / Verbrugge who take the third place with 1 point difference in the daily standings. On 4th place ending the Dutchman Mulders / v/d. Venne, in front of the English Team Foden / Haynes. W. Jütten, photo: Rene van Leuken

| 17/04/2016 | IMBA European Championship Open-class Grenaa DK

The night to the race Sunday had brought in Grenaa plenty of water, but the course had been well placed in the morning by members of the Motocross Club Grenaa in excess. So went with Class 85 Youth organizing pünkltlich at 9:00 of equip. At least came no more water from the top and the sand on the track was the to drive accordingly. For lunch out came the sun. Unfortunately, few young drivers had taken it upon themselves to Grenaa, but also in the open class. The Swiss rider was missing entirely, from Belgium was only eienr arrived and even the organizers had used only an array of 4 (instead of 7) participants. Thus one saw only 26 riders at the start hedges. The best time to put the Dutchman Michael Hool in the Open class on the list. ...(read more)

| 22/12/2015 | In memory

Today we got the bad news about our sport friend Jan Cox. He’s suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from cancer. Jan was several years a member of the IMBA Board and we got to know him as a fair, factual and always friendly people, who will certainly all very missed. We hope that his family will find the strength, that the need to cope with such a loss. Jan we do not forget you, you remain a part of our lives and of Motorsport, which we life together. IMBA Board

| 14/12/2015 | Christmas time

Schöne Festtage und ein Glückliches Neues Jahr Prettige kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuw jaar Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Stastne a vesele vanoce a stastny novy rok! Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année! Glaedelig Jul og godt nyter IMBA board

| 08/11/2015 | IMBA congres 2015 at Netherlands

The Congress is over and it was again a harmonious and friendly weekend with Cross-friends from different nations. We can say, in addition to the good and fair season 2015, the participants were also at the Congress in a friendly atmosphere together. Thanks to all participants and organizations for the constructive contributions and the well but sometimes profound decisions. Important decisions were probably: - For the Organising associations, it must be paid no penalties more. - The participants in IMBA European Championship race, may also participate in 3 different racing events of the FIM / UEM next to the IMBA. - For the youth classes be used the starting numbers as in the IMBA also the starting numbers 100-109 NL apply usual 1-9 ...(read more)

| 04/10/2015 | IMBA EC Finale MX 2 Kleinhau Germany

John Cuppen takes the best lap time in qualifying. The Joungster of the German team, the 15 years old, Pit Rickert made attention to himself with a 4th place in qualifying. The Club Kleinhau got from the municipality Hürtgenwald approval for more 55 years Motocross - training and racing track and hopefully more events at the Raffelsberg". The holeshot in the first run hits the Brits Lewis King, which also still has title chances. Pit Rickert from Germany lies just beyond. But since Round 2 has clarified everything and taken the lead John Coppen, Netherlands. Victory goes to John, before Lewis and Jacky exchange. The "Old Champion is he new Champion" The "old masters is the new champion". John Cuppen made with the victory in the 2nd ...(read more)

| 13/09/2015 | IMBA European Championship finals Side car in Meij

Congratulation to the "new champion Nick and Glenn Janssens for the first European Champion title in her young life 17 + 16 years. Shock in the qualifying, bad fall from Team Sven Verbrugge and Tobis Lange. Tobis has been from a subsequent team hit / run over and had to be very seriously injured to the hospital. We were all shocked and the day did not go without a trace passing the drivers. We all wish the Tobias speedy and complete recovery. Sunday welcomed us with a cloudy but dry weather and the prospect of a good race day were not bad, but the morning in the sand in the Netherlands Meijel started very dam ..... on. After the PC of the IMBA secretary made problems at the Jurybus and no printer could be connected, we proceeded to to ...(read more)

| 06/09/2015 | IMBA EC Open-Class Gutenswil Swiss

Simon Baumann (Switzerland), master in Gutenswil, in a perfectly organized competition by MSG Gutenswil, led by Roland Julmi.   After a very exciting race with three race victories for Simon Baumann, he was flanked on stage by Vincent Collet (Belgium), which was three times second and Pascal Proenen from Germany (3rd, 4 th and 4 th). And to underline what this was, for thousandspof spectators, for an attractive, international competition, came on 4th place Edward Briscoe (England) (5th, 6th and 5th), on the 5th place Remco Doornwaard ( Netherlands) (4th, 8th and 6th) and on the 6th place Jim Bødker Sørensen from Denmark (16th, 3rd and 3rd).   Of the six started Portuguese drivers Daniel Ferreira was the best with his 9th place ...(read more)

| 24/08/2015 | Venlo MX2 2015

So much sand !! A perfect organisation by the club of Venlo and MON. Thanks a lot for it. You can find a lot pictures of it on our web site.

| 23/08/2015 | IMBA EC race MX 2 Venlo-Blerick NL

Hello, the race is opend. First we see the practice by sunny weather. 28 riders find to the start line vor the fifth championship race from the IMBA European Championship. The Time practice is gone and the Netherlands Team takes the best time in the sand from Venl-Blerick, John Cuppen the Leader of the championship in first place. Netherland "Orange above" so see the first round Joshua v/d Linden in front of Jeroen v Teijlingen (the lokal hero) and the English boy Lewis King, he is second in the Championship. John Cuppen on th 4th place. He works hart to take place on the first run victory. Cuppen winning the race. The English Team has 2 rider on teh Places 4 and 5, Lewis King and Josh Waterman. The Swiss rider Martino Lerace finished ...(read more)

| 21/08/2015 | IMBA European Championship Open-Class Ohlenberg Ge

The qualifying was in hand of the Dutch, Belgians and Germans and Danes, so the first 9 places in there hands. For the first run it was an different picture emerged in the first round. The Swiss Fabian Hublard led before the British Edward Brsicoe and the German Pascal Proenen the 35 riders around the course in Ohlenberg who was pretty soaked by the night's rain. Fabien Hublard had the follow riders so well under control that he could keep them from the first lap until the checkered flag behind him. The Briton Briscoe followed at No. 2, where after about 7 laps the Dutchman Jarno Verhoerevoort placed on 3rd. Pascal Proenen had been up to 6 round on rank 2 and then he had bad luck with these, and had to give up some places and was ranked 30 ...(read more)

| 09/08/2015 | IMBA EC race Side car, Arnoldsweiler Germany

Hello, the race day ist started and we have best Motocross weather and 34team on the start line. The first practice is done. The best time of practice was for Frank Mulders and Joey v/d. Venne. Jack Etheridge (GB) is winning the first Race in front of Carlo van Duijnhoven/Siebe v/d.Putten and the IMBA Leader Nick and Glenn Janssens. The second race is in hand of Nick and Glenn Janssens, she takes the holshot and lead to the end of the race. Jack Etheridge/Scott Grahams ended the race on the second place in front of the Netherlands team Carlo avn Duijnhoven/Siebe v/d.Putten. The last race of the day, the belgium Christian Corthouts/dennis v/d Bulck takes the Holeshot, but in Round 1 goes Nick and Glenn Janssens on Place one. Jack ...(read more)

| 19/07/2015 | IMBA EC youth weekend Venray NL, 2015

It was upon arrival on Friday in Dutch Venray very warm and the presentation of riders at the speedway track Rondell "Raceway Venray" was started under bright sun against 20.ooh. Many drivers was registred from 10 different nations at this 29th Int. Youth-weekends. Saturday morning was then initially with cloudy sky and at night it had rained a good shower, so the track was in very good shape. The IMBA classes 85 cc and MX2 youth were embedded in a Jugendprogamm (50 Miniquad to the Open class Exjugend. The leading in the 85 cc championship, Ronny Uzinger, Switzerland, came with 6 points ahead of the Italian Elia Rigo and 16 points ahead of the Dutchman Bart Reijnders to the home country of the "sand rabbit". Although the course ...(read more)

| 13/07/2015 | Int. Youth weekend Venray 18-19.07.2015

Dear mx-fan, An International Youth Weekend for young riders, their families and friends will take place on the 18th and 19th of July in Venray, the Netherlands. The weekend is hosted for the second time by Stichting Raceway Venray, who has constructed an exciting and challenging sand track fort his occasion only. Everyone who fits in one of the classes can compete in the races and register online. If your union is associated with the IMBA (International Motor Bike Association), you will have to hand over a delegation form from your union when enlisting in Venray. Riders without a delegation form (or a Dutch MON-racing or training license), have to buy a temporary licence for insurance. This license costs 20 euro and is ...(read more)

| 05/07/2015 | IMBA EC race Side car St.Meme le Tenu France

The very warm weekend in Saint Tenu Le Même expired in good organistion. Despite the extremely hot weather, the club have had everything under control and the dust was limited, so luckily there were no serious falls. Good work from the many employees of MC's Tenu chairman Luc Clavier which might be justly proud of its 50th Golden Anniversary contest and afterwards was also very pleased with the program and the many spectators. The local idols Ains - Pillier ride to victory on this very successful sidecar race. Another good advertising for IMBA and that we do it for hei. Greetings Francis Bielen

| 30/06/2015 | IMBA EC Race Open-Class, France, cancelled

Dear Sport friend, Due to personal reason, Moto Club CAPPELLOIS have a big problem and can’t organise the race Open on 12 July at Loon Plage. Of course Ufolep regret to have to take this decision for the riders, for the championship, for the other federation but also for him. Cancelling this race give a lot of financial problem for the Ufolep. (all subvention are based on this race) We are also disappointed for the other federation who have accepted to change the date of the race. Sorry for it. Sports greeting Jean-Claude Sablé Délégué Régional ...(read more)

| 15/06/2015 | VIDEO ON LINE FARA 2015


| 09/06/2015 | Memory stick with Photos

Hello I lost at the weekend my red memory stick with more than 100 photos from the race in Hadsund DK. If you have find him can you send it to the IMBA Secretary please. Willi Jütten IMBA Secretary

| 17/05/2015 | IMBA EC Dubble Genk B

Dubble Grand Prix at Belgium, Ladies and Side cars The German Lady Stefanie Laier winnt all three races at Genk, Belgium. She is souverän leader for the ladies championship 2015. Brenda Wagemans for Belgium takes the second place at the day result for her home grand prix. At place 3 for the podium was Lianne Muilwijk by all three races on these place. The Side car races was in ahnd of the Belgium and Netherlands riders. The Netherlands Team Carlo van Duinhoven-Siebe v.d. Putten can win the Day result, in front of the Belgium Nick and Glenn Janssens. Ton van Keulen-Herny v. d. Wiel takes place 3 on the podium. The best Britisch Team Jack Etheridge-Scott Grahame stoppt the race three after an accident where the motor bike is broken. The ...(read more)

| 03/05/2015 | IMBA EC Ladies Geldermalsen NL

First IMBA European Championship race of the ladies (Ladies) in Geldermalsen NL, the organizer MCC Geldermalsen had the course (hard clay) very well prepared and the foreign riders were very happy to see not so as usual the Netherlands sand. The clay course was equipped with several jumps and banked curves and in dry weather a perfect surface for the drivers, who are used to drive on hard tracks. Unfortunately, it started to rain before the second run and the track was changing more and more into a skating rink. Stefanie Laier (D) once more had the best training time back and qualified so for grid-position 1 for the 3 IMBA runs that day. In the first run she started with a start and finish victory. From England Catherine King and ...(read more)

| 19/04/2015 | IMBA EC Side car Wohlen Switzerland

brings a surprise winner on the top on the podium . Kevin Battaglia and Philipp Furrer get with (3-2-3) overall victory against compatriots Martin Krieg and Marius Strauss, who had always been driven by (2-5-4) good results. The race winner of race one and two, the Swiss Marco Boller and Simon Wälti, looked well after the two runs as the winner of the day, but the thirt race the have some mistakes and only 3 laps and no points. They landed on rank 6 of the day result. The best non-Swiss riders were the Belgians Nick and Glenn Janssens, with (10-3-2) pushed their way to the top and were on the 3rd podium. The 5th place in the daily standings went to a team from Austria / Switzerland, Kevin Bitsche and Dave Bertschi took part for the ...(read more)

| 12/04/2015 | IMBA EC MX 2 Koningshooikt B

IMBA European Championship MX2 the "First" With bright sunshine it was in the first slugfest IMBA European Championship 2015 in the MX2 class. John Cuppen, the reigning champion of the Netherlands, close to where he left off last season. With the victory and the leadership of the MX2 Championship. Two Dutch (1 John Cuppen, Jacky Tausch 2.) and one Belgium (Axel Nijs 3.) take the first panel at the Beligischen IMBA GP

| 16/03/2015 | New Date Loon Plage, France

The new Date for Open-Class in Loon Plage, France is : 12th of July 2015. See you. W. Jütten

| 12/03/2015 | Chaning Date IMBA Open-Class

The new season is waiting in the wings and we already have the first amendment. The racing event for the Open Class on April 05 in Loon Plage, France must be canceled. A new date for the event can be the 12.July, in the same place. The setting takes place in the next few days. Willi Jütten IMBA secretary


CSEN Motocross Italy will be present at Motor Bike Expo, we wait all ITALIAN Riders and not only to show and explain the 2015 IMBA European Championship , , ,

| 18/12/2014 | Marry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Stastne a vesele vanoce a stastny novy rok! Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année! Glaedelig Jul og godt nyter Schöne Festtage und ein Glückliches Neues Jahr Prettige kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuw jaar From IMBA, Willi Jütten

| 09/11/2014 | IMBA CONGRESS 2014

The congres 2014 is over and we have discussed a lot of things. The new calendar(provisional) 2015 is online, and we glad to have 7 races for Mx2 and also for open class, and 5 races for side car. For de Ladies at the moment we have 4 races and we are very proud to have races for youth in 2015, One complete Int. youth weekend in Netherlands, one race for 85cc big wheels and Mx 2 youth in Italy and also the two classes in Dänemark. The rules and all important things are changed and so we hope to have an good Saison 2015. Thanks to all members of IMBA for the good work the have done in the past and the do in the future. Willi Jütten, IMBA Secretary

| 28/09/2014 | IMBA Side car EC Champion Finale

in Amriswil CH ! The "new" Champions 2014, Jarno v/d Boomen/Henry v/d Wiel stood, already since the last race in Arnoldsweiler fixed, but about the following rankings there were lots of scramble at the last race of the IMBA 2014 season in the Championship of the sidecar. In the Swiss Amriswil the traditional club had again built a great track and the actors, those 26 teams were also in time for qualifying. The European champions rested not on its laurels and brought out the best time. The Swiss Marco Boller/Simon Wälti that can make even on their home track ambitions on overall rank 2, showed their motivation with a second training time. Englishmen Jack Etherigde/Scott Graham were also strong in 3rd place in qualifying. There ...(read more)

| 21/09/2014 | IMBA European Championship Finals Open-Class Meije

With good 160 point lead came Jilani Cambre from Belgium to Meijel in the Netherlands to the final race and had the chance to get the Title in the first leg. Even in qualifying, he showed who is the best this year in this class. As in so many races this year he got the best time and so he could choose 3 times this day at first the starting-place. The drivers-presentation was set up with the drivers that all drivers should drive a small round with their machines. For this final 29 participants from 8 countries were at the starting-gate. The first run was from the start a victory-run for Jilani Cambre, he took the holeshot and winning the heat he picked up his first IMBA European Championship title. The champagne shower was sure at the ...(read more)

| 14/09/2014 | IMBA EM finals for the MX 2 and Ladies Boekel NL!

The Netherlands girls and boys dominate at Home Grand Prix and European Championship - Final Round 2014. John Cuppen already after the first run of "new" champion in 2014, Nicky van Wordragen had to wait until the second run to make everything clear. The German Carmen Ahlinger fights well despite starting accident in the first race and secures with 3 race results in the middle of the third place in the championship and was additionally "best" two-stroke rider. For the Swiss driver, Sandra Keller was nevertheless a remarkable fourth place in the championship. The podium for the Mx2 was completely occupied by the Netherlands. The swiss rider David Schoch could collect many points in the sand, that it was enough for the 4 th overall. The ...(read more)

| 07/09/2014 | Swiss success at home Grand Prix!

In Switzerland in the little town Gutenswil the penultimate race in the open class was held on 7th September. In timepractice, it was immediately clear who were the favorites here today. The best Swiss rider Simon Baumann was 0,5 sec in front of Yves Furlato ( also Switzerland) and the third man, probably the European Champion in 2014 Jilani Cambré from Belgium was even 1.5 seconds back. Then came, under sunny conditions, the participants performance in which the drivers were driven with restored military jeeps among the thousands of spectators on the paradeterrain. In this presentation the Portuguese participants sung the Portuguese national anthem sung loudly with their numerous supporters. And after the now traditional handshake ...(read more)

| 31/08/2014 | The British drivers dominate in France

IMBA MX 2 Report - 31 August Wingles -France ! ,,, In the sixth round of the IMBA European Championship with Paul Neale 2-1-2 and 1-4-4 Ryan Morris. John Cuppen (Netherlands) crashes after the start of the second race, but retains wide margin with the "yellow jersey" for the finals in Boekel. Scott Mathia 14-7-12 loses the second place at Ralph Hubers 8-13-9. 3000 spectators, at best track conditions on dark marl-clay and an excellent organization of the Moto-Club, the event presented "Des Etangs- At the ponds" under the President Jeremi Moyaert with the best sportsweather. Almost the French drivers managed to take the place of honor on the podium with Qentin Nowak 6-6-3, but with a tiny better score of the Dutch Jarno Derks 7-2-6, ...(read more)

| 24/08/2014 | IMBA EM sidecar in the lee of "Sophie height" in T

With bright sunshine, guests of the MSC Arnoldsweiler were welcomed. In the shadow of "Sophie height" of decades growing waste mountain from lignite mining area Rhine Power provides the organizer for years with excellent conditions and a training track. The many workers and patrons of the club MSC Arnoldsweiler who had prepared a super race track, thanks for her tireless work in the sense of motorsport. Several hundred spectators had then found its way to the track in the lee of Sophie height. With the culmination of the two-day event, the German European Championship race of the sidecar class, the Sunday morning went to the qualifying session of this class. The leader of the championship, the Dutch Jarno v/d Boomen / Henry v/d Wiel ...(read more)

| 17/08/2014 | IMBA EC Open-Class Ohlenberg D

Two German riders on the podium in Ohlenberg, Michael Kaussen and Pascal Proenen create second and third place in the standings and only the EM Leader Jilani Cambre (Belgium) need to admit defeat in the respective runs. The Club Ohlenberg had again all well prepared, but the weather conditions were affected on Saturday by a few rain showers and strong winds. The route thus had a lot of tracks from Saturday's racing program. For the first training of the IMBA it was still very wet, but began to dry ringing in the sunshine and the wind. For qualifying the Belgians Juliani Cambre put down the fastest time, followed by Michael Kaussen Aachen (D), and the Belgian Stijn Verstrepen. In the first run it was then also with a German ...(read more)

| 27/07/2014 | IMBA EC Side car Attenhoven B

Jarno van de Boomen / Henry van der Wiel succeeded in the 3rd race, which was held in the Belgian Attenhoven, retract the overall victory. This duo was too strong for the colleagues. Second wuren the Belgian team Corhouts / Vanden Bulck with (2-4-2). The 3rd place for the Swiss combination of Boller / Wälti. The Netherlands Van Ravenstein / Zwan be 7th and Van Keulen / Wanrooij 10. total. The German crew consisted only of a team Andre and Patrick Knübben, probably justified by the third generation in sidecar racing in the IMBA, because even in the 70 years of grandpa Konrad Kübben became European Champion, einizger German who has done it in the sidecar championship. The guys from Germany occupied a 18th place in the daily standings. The ...(read more)

| 25/07/2014 | New pictures from Allaire (Open)

| 24/07/2014 | New place for Side car 10-08-2014 GB

Can you please notify all members that the hosting Sidecar MX Wales club have had to change venue for the IMBA to the following; The Neuadd, Penybont , Mid Wales Nearest Postcode - LD1 5SW Google Maps -,-3.3359828/@52.2484982,-3.3328706,667m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m3!4m2!1m0!1m0 Steve Harvey Competition and Technical Co-ordinator AMCA Events Limited Registered in England No 5580493

| 21/07/2014 | ALLAIRE OPEN

With a perfect organisation, we assist at a very lovely day. The domination of the belgian team was strong with Cambré, Collet, Verstrepen en Slegers. Than we assist to a fine race between riders from England and Holland. The 3de race during the night was the first and fine experience for a lot of riders. and they liked it. At the end, we assist at a very lively fireworks.

| 10/07/2014 | IMBA EC Werchter (B) 13.07.2014 cancelled

Due to the continuous rain, the organiser is forced to cancel the IMBA contest of this weekend at Werchter. The track and the paddock is inaccessible due to the large amount of water. Info IMBA Rules a. Events that have to be cancelled two days before or on the events day, whatever the reason is, cannot once more be put on the calendar the same year, because of the costs for the federations. b. If an event is cancelled and so the number of events is less than 5, the event can be repeated. W. Jütten IMBA

| 26/06/2014 | IMBA EC Race MX 2 Hadsund 22-06-2014

John Cuppen (NL) takes over sovereign again the "Yellow": With three race wins in Danish sand he can his lead to 64 points ahead of Roman Mnuk (CR) The Englishman Scott Mathia can take the place 3 of the Championship and the Swiss David Schoch with 2 points difference Rank 4. Best German Christian Gerhard is currently ranked 12th of the current Championship. the daily standings looked almost like own NL Championship. 5 Dutch took places 1-5, then 4 Danes. Cuppen John, the 3 race wins the first place on the podium had been allowed to occupy, saw his side nor the compatriots Jarno Derks (2) and Ralph Huber (3).

| 11/06/2014 | EM Informations

Hello everybody, the next IMBA European Championship races will be on 22.06.2014 for Side car in Oss, Netherland and MX2 and Ladies in Hadsund Dänemark Please find more Information = "raceinformation" on the left site!

| 08/06/2014 | IMBA EC Hawkstone Park, UK, Open Class,

A new star is born: Jilani Cambre from Belgium supreme. On Sunday, June 8th was at the English Hawkstone Park near the border with Wales, the opening match in the Open Class for the 2014 season organized by the AMCA. Under bright sunny weather (the rain from Saturday night was fine, because now there was no dust), the training sessions and manches were completed. After two training sessions on this sandy circuit was the fastest time for the Belgian Vincent Collet, who was from his injury in the last game of 2013 completely restored. Then came the Englishman Jack Cox, the Belgian Jilani Cambre, Dutchman Jeroen de Groot and German Christophe Selent, which a clear international competition promised. The drivers show, which was ...(read more)

| 03/06/2014 | IMBA_FARA_A PERFECT DAY

Csen say thank you to all of you... Paolo Csen Ita.

| 01/06/2014 | Fabio Tessari wins the home GP

in the MX 2 class on Sunday in Fara Vicentino. The Englishman Paul Neale takes second place in front of the Czech Roman Mnuk. With some good results in the runs, the Frenchman Quentin Nowak can reach the 4th place and the quickest in qualifying, the Swiss David Schoch, ranking fifth The Englishman Scott Mathia, kam durch gute resultate in der Meisterschaft on the second place. The new Leader for the championship is Roman Mnuk from Czech Republik. See Foto left.


All race result Live at this address ... Hope to see all of you . All the Best Paolo Csen ITA.

| 29/05/2014 | ITALIAN RACE

Hello dear Sport Friends ....few more days and we will be all together in Fara Vicentino for the Italian IMBA Race. Do not miss the Event . All the Best Paolo Csen ITA.

| 18/05/2014 | IMBA Ladies European Championship in Koningshooikt

Brenda Wagemanns , the Belgian lost the leadership of the EC to the Dutch Nicky van Wordragen. In the first run, the two also went in the same guide, Nicky first had his nose in front. In round 6, there was a change of leadership and the Belgian Wagemans wins ahead of Nicky van Wordragen and in turn greatly triumphant Britt van der Werff, The Netherlands. The English woman Leonie Smith, had with start number 5 already in a good position and was able to finish the race as fourth . The German Carmen Ahlinger because it had a little more difficult from midfield on the opening lap they battled lap after lap at the 5th position at the finish . The start to the second round again had the Dutch Nicky van Wordragen held the lead, but they had ...(read more)

| 27/04/2014 | IMBA EC Race Mx 2 Dalecin Czech Rep.

The Dutchman John Cuppen won the second Match in the MX2 European Championship in Dalecin, Czech Republic before the Czech Roman Mnuk and Davy Janssen (NL). Thus, the reigning champion also takes the lead again by the Swiss Andy Baumgartner and Patrick Walther, the were not by the race in Czech. Total and daily results, see under results, or under ""

| 26/04/2014 | MX2-RACE 2 CZ

The MX2 is ready at Dalecin for the second EC IMBA race. A quite good number of registered riders are alreasy in CZ and other are coming . Show will be guarantee . All the best Ciao Paolo Csen ITA .

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