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| 21/05/2024 | IMBA European Championship in Gouy en Artois

France, another success for former world champion Steffi Laier, Belgium. She again won all 3 heats ahead of Britt van der Werff from the Netherlands and Kathryn Booth from England. It was a very good event, well organised and the riders' presentation on Saturday evening in the party tent. Results and further information can also be found at The next meeting will take place on 18 August 2024 in Ohlenberg, Germany.

| 27/04/2024 | IMBA Ladies European Championship 2024.

The 2nd IMBA European Ladies Championship enters the 2nd round. The next clash will take place on 19 May in Pas de Callais Gouy en Artois, France. You can still register via an IMBA affiliated association.

| 14/04/2024 | IMBA Ladies 2024 in Holten NL.

The first day of racing for the IMBA Ladies class has started in Holten, the Netherlands. In good motocross weather, 29 ladies took their places at the starting gate and completed the first training session at 9.00 am. The timed practice followed at 10:35 and the fastest on the parkour was Steffi Laier from Germany, the former world champion and IMBA champion who lives in Belgium. She was followed by Britt van de Werff from the Netherlands, the reigning IMBA champion. Kathryn Booth from England set the 3rd fastest time. This is how the 3 races will start this afternoon. Race 1, former champion Laier and reigning champion van de Werff were the leaders from the start, with Steffi always staying ahead of Britt. At the start, England's ...(read more)

| 08/04/2024 | IMBA Ladies European Championship 2024.

The first meeting of the Ladies in 2024 will take place in Holten, in the Netherlands, next Sunday, 14 April. There are still a few starting places available for participants from countries that are not affiliated with IMBA. If you would like to know more, please contact me as soon as possible at

| 07/04/2024 | IMBA European Sidecar Championship 2024

A successful start to the season. The winners and runners-up once again found the best conditions at the IMBA sidecar race in Wohlen, Switzerland. All the sports enthusiasts and helpers around Uli and Gisela Hilfiker once again gave their all to organise this fantastic weekend of events. This was rewarded with good, exciting races in all classes and "imperial weather". The day's victory went to the Swiss team, Marco Heinzer / Meinrad Schelbert, ahead of the German team Joshua and Noah Weinmann, as well as the German/Swiss team Joachim Reimann / Martin Berschat. You can see the entire daily ranking here and also on the IMBA website. Thanks to all participants, helpers and riders as well as the numerous spectators.

| 30/03/2024 | IMBA European Sidecar Championship!

Have you ever thought about testing your skills against riders from other European countries at the IMBA European Championship? There are still a few places available for starters at the IMBA European Sidecar Championship 07-04-2024 in Wohlen, Switzerland. Teams that do not have a licence from an IMBA association can also register! Participation is still possible for Wohlen! Enquiries for registration at

| 21/03/2024 | 67 INT. MOTOCROSS WOHLEN AG 6/7 April 2024

Motocross Wohlen - here's to another one! We are proud of it and have done our best again this year to present you a beautiful, exciting event with many highlights. As the saying goes - tradition obliges! It's not for nothing that Motocross Wohlen is one of the oldest and biggest motorsport events in Switzerland. European Sidecar Championship The European Sidecar Championship will start again in Wohlen in 2024. After the impressive race in 2023, when the eventual IMBA European champions Käser/Dörig thrilled the spectators with their race to catch up, we are looking forward to another edition of this racing series. Our Swiss teams will certainly have a say at the front. Cheer them on and help the riders to top performances! Non-stop ...(read more)

| 15/03/2024 | Cancellation of IMBA EM race MX2 and MX Open, Lütz

Dear IMBA sports fans, unfortunately we have received bad news from Switzerland. The motocross of the IMBA MX2 and MX Open in Lützelflüh on 18.08.2024 unfortunately has to be cancelled. The organiser cannot find a way to hold the event.

| 09/03/2024 | Veterans Champions of Europe -Master of Nations 20

Hello sports fans, all registration forms for the IMBA Veterans Champions of Europe and also the Masters of Nations are now available in the Race Information section with the corresponding link.

| 27/02/2024 | Masters of Nations

The IMBA "Masters of Nations" Motocross is considered a special event. These special regulations and the IMBA Sport Regulations, the IMBA Youth Regulations and the IMBA Rules of Procedure also apply, unless other rules are stated here. Riders from all countries that are members of the IMBA are eligible to participate. Drivers from countries that are not members of the IMBA are also eligible to participate, e.g. Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Spain, Poland, Sweden, etc. For riders from IMBA countries who do not have a licence from the IMBA association (e.g. KNMV instead of MON licence), the IMBA-affiliated association can veto the participation of riders from this country. CAM has declared that participants from the Czech ...(read more)

| 01/02/2024 | IMBA Veterans 2024

Here is the latest information about the Veterans Champions of Europe ! The dates: 18/08/2024 Ohlenberg, Germany; 22.09.2024 Groesbeek, Netherlands; 28 + 29 September 2024 Kleinhau, Germany. Riders from 45 - years, with motorbikes, new or old. The registration and payment options will be published later. Save these dates! Information see website under "Race information"

| 27/01/2024 | A short summary of the IMBA facts:

1954: Foundation of an international union of the countries Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Called IMB. 1964: The IMB association changes to the structure of today's IMBA with a founding meeting and registration. The association that was called IMB in 1954 was officially renamed IMBA (Internationale Motorsport Bond voor Amateurs) at a meeting in Ghent (B) on 10 June 1964. In addition to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, the IMBA's member countries today also include England, France, Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy and Russia. The founding organisations, the DMCV in Germany (now the DAMCV), the SU in Belgium and the NMB in the Netherlands, agreed that the aim of the association was to promote ...(read more)

| 20/12/2023 | IMBA Calendar 2024!

Once there are the dates for the IMBA European Championship "Champions of Europe" and there is the "Masters Of Nations" on 28-19 September 2024 in Kleinhau, Germany. All riders from Europe, 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Mx2 Youth, Ladies, MX2 + MX Open Veterans, Sidecars, who register via the link on the IMBA website can start at the "Masters of Nations". However, preference will be given to riders who have a licence with an IMBA national association. There is a special announcement for the "Masters of Nations" The races of the LAD, MX2+MX Open, Veterans and Sidecars also count towards the "Champions of Europe" classification. You can find the calendar on this website under Calendar!

| 09/12/2023 | IMBA Veterans: INFO

In 2024, there will once again be an IMBA Veterans class as a separate class for riders aged 45 and older, who will ride in their own European Championship. The respective starting field will be divided into two different age groups based on the number of participants: a. 45 - 56 years, b. 57 - ?? years, The driver is already or will be 45 or 57 in that year. Participants do not need to hold a licence from an IMBA member country. Drivers in the veteran class who do not hold a licence from an IMBA country, must provide proof of private accident insurance or buy a corresponding daily insurance policy with the organising club/association or apply for daily insurance from the IMBA association in their ...(read more)

| 14/11/2023 | IMBA Congress 2024 season, Switzerland

The IMBA Congress for the 2024 season took place this year in Egerkingen near Solothurn. The Hotel Egerkingen provided the ideal setting. At last year's congress, you could feel a jolt going through the heads of the IMBA-affiliated associations. The review is now mixed. Although more athletes took part in the races compared to the previous year, some races still had to be cancelled for various reasons. However, the upward trend among Swiss pilots was clearly noticeable. More Swiss riders took part in the races in the various classes than had been the case for a long time. With the exception of the Ladies (due to clashing dates), the Swiss were mostly well represented. We were very successful, winning the Sidecar Nations Trophy and the ...(read more)

| 29/09/2023 | The IMBA season is over.

The last races were last weekend in Kleinhau. The sidecars had their third event there and, as expected, the Swiss riders came with strong teams to support Remo Käser-Cornelio Döring, who had been leading until then. Unfortunately, the interest in this class was not too high this year, so there were only 17 teams in Kleinhau. In the end, it was Käser-Döring who won the title. Fellow countrymen Fabian Hofmann-Marius Strauss could find themselves in second place and the youngest in IMBA sidecar action, Nevio Käser and Jano Käser (12-14) were in the end third to fill the IMBA podium for 2023.

| 29/09/2023 | The IMBA season is over.

The newly created veteran class also had its final run in Kleinhau.After only 16 participants in Genk, Belgium, there were 31 in Kleinhau. The German cross instructor Jürgen Küppers won the day with 3 race victories, ahead of the Dutchman Jacky Thijssen and the Belgian Wim Couwberghs.However, Jürgen Küppers did not play a role in the championship, as he had not competed in the first event in Belgium.So the championship was between the Belgian Couwberghs and Thijssen.The Belgian Danny Scheers was still able to secure 3rd overall place in the background. As for the veteran class, there was some confusion on social media among some Belgian sports fans who did not understand how the regulations for 2023 had been worked out. Not only were ...(read more)

| 18/09/2023 | Next IMBA European Championship event, Kleinhau

The IMBA Sidecar European Championship enters the final round of the season. The leaders Remo Käser/Cornelio Döring, Switzerland, come to Kleinhau with a 60-point lead over compatriots Fabian Hofmann/Marius Strauss. Also Nevio Käser/Jano Käser, all three teams still have a chance to win the title, with 180 points to be awarded in 3 heats. but also local hero Christian Hentrich/Simon Lenz can have small hopes to break into the top 3 of the championship on their home track. Sunday will show who will take the crown of the IMBA Sidecar European Championship in Kleinhau. There will be a second highlight, however, with the final round of the IMBA Veterans European Championship. After the first race in Belgium, Wim Couwberghs, B, is in the lead, ...(read more)

| 15/09/2023 | Cancellation IMBA Mx2 Krasny Dvur CR 17.09.2023!

The IMBA European Championship race in the Czech Republic scheduled for the weekend has unfortunately to be cancelled due to too few participants in the class. It is a pity for the organiser who invests time, effort and also some money in an event and is let down by the riders. We will have to see what happens next for 2024! The championship standings will therefore be based on the 2 IMBA Mx2 races held so far.

| 29/08/2023 | The "old" is the "new" champion, Open Class 2023.

The Belgian Mattéo Puffet left no doubt this year who will be the reigning and probably also the coming champion in the Open class. He came to the final race in Switzerland, in Lützelflüh in the Emmental, with a lead of 111 points. His direct rival, the Englishman James Dodd, unfortunately had to cancel his planned trip because his wife had given birth to a baby in the days before. Unfortunately, there were also several other cancellations due to injury. The starting field was then very shrunk, but the present candidates still fought hard for the places. Mattéo set the best time in qualifying, but his compatriot Jonas Salaets managed a start-finish victory in the first heat. Henry Williams from Great Britain followed him in second place, ...(read more)

| 25/08/2023 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Kersbeek 03-09-2023

Here, under race information, you will find the info for the competition in Kersbeek for the women. Presentation of the female teams is on Saturday evening 18h30. On Saturday the Oldtimer, Mobs, Youth, Ladies (non-imba) riders and Pitbikes will race. On Sunday all other series and sidecars will race and the final of the Imba European Championship Ladies will take place. GPS : Langstreepstraat Kersbeek On Saturday evening there will be chicken on the spit from 7pm (only if ordered before Tuesday evening 29/08 from Stefan Coen 0495/813609). Followed by a performance of De Spikes in the marquee. Greetings, Els Bamps

| 14/08/2023 | IMBA European Championship Open-Class, in Lützelfl

Hello here you can find more information about the race of the Open-Class on Sunday 27-08-2023 Copy the attached link into your web browser :

| 10/08/2023 | VMCF board member Eric Rotté passed away

Hello dear sports friends, all IMBA Cross family, unfortunately we have to inform you that the Belgian sports friend, Eric Rotté passed away on Monday evening. Eric was one of the founders of the VNCF in Belgium and also one of the driving forces for the VNCF to join the IMBA right after its foundation. We, the IMBA board, were able to accept him as a good friend in the motocross family over the years and have a good cooperation for motocross with him. We are grateful for this and will always remember Eric in this way. IMBA Board, w. Jütten

| 28/07/2023 | New Video

Hello look at the new video of Mike Allport, here at Videos Youtube.

| 03/07/2023 | IMBA European Championship Veterans Genk, B

IMBA holds a Veterans European Championship for the first time. The first event for the 2023 championship was held in Genk, Belgium. It was a pity that not all registered participants made the journey to the race, but the riders present were all positive about this "new" idea to give former IMBA riders the opportunity to take part in a European Championship under the IMBA flag in the "old" manner. There will be a second event this year in Kleinhau, Germany, on 24.09.2023 and we hope for an even stronger starting field. In the end, riders from 3 nations were on the podium and with Wim Crowenberghs in 1st place, the organiser had the day's victory in the bag. Jacky Thijssen from the Netherlands followed in second place and third place ...(read more)

| 27/06/2023 | IMBA European Championship Veteran 2023

Hello sports friends over 40, there are still places available for the IMBA European Championship Veteran in Genk Belgium on 02.07.2023 ! Registration and information can be found on under "Race Information" or in the IMBA calendar. Remember, there will be a second round of the IMBA European Championship Veterans in September 24.09.2023 in Kleinhau Germany. Both events will count towards the Veterans 2023 European Championship. Licences or association membership is not required.

| 26/06/2023 | IMBA Race Classic-Oldtimer in Pacov CH 2023

I was very enthusiastic about the event for the Classic Oldtimers in Pacov, great WRC track, everything organised like a WRC. The supply of everything was excellently organised by the club and the Classic organisers, the timing team still worked with the "old" Orbits system, but everything fit and worked to the minute and the transponders worked very well. The process and organisation by ECMO and the timekeeping team was absolutely perfect. The classes were well filled, even though not all the "oldies" had made the journey to the Czech Republic. In the evening there was the award ceremony for the daily classification, which was also the European Championship for the ECMO (European Classic Motocross Organisation). In addition, there was ...(read more)

| 23/06/2023 | Cancellation of the IMBA European Championship You

08-09 July 2023 in Aars Denmark! Hello dear sports friends, youth riders, unfortunately we have to inform you that the IMBA European Youth Championship in Aars Denmark cannot take place. The reason is that there is not enough interest in participants and so the board of the organiser, in consultation with the IMBA board, has decided to cancel the race event on 08-09 July 2023.

| 19/06/2023 | IMBA & ECMO Classic Race in Pacov, CR

will be held on Saturday 24.06.2023. Information about the event, rider lists, schedule, arrival coordinates can be found under "Race Information" on the IMBA website and the ECMO website - Calendar.

| 13/06/2023 | The next IMBA competition is coming up.

On 25.06. in Feldkirch, Austria, the participants of the IMBA European Championship in the sidecar class as well as the ladies class will meet for their races for the European Championship crown. Exciting races are expected on the natural ground in the hilly Vorarlberg at the Swiss border. The S.A.M. and the Feldkirch club hope for numerous participants and visitors.

| 08/06/2023 | Cancellation of the IMBA Ladies in Amriswil 24.09.

Hello dear IMBA Board, dear IMBA members. We regret to inform you that the Ladies IMBA in Amriswil on 24 September 2023 has to be cancelled. The organising team has reformatted and they would now like to start without IMBA this year. We respect this wish, thank the organising AMCO very much for their work and also for the many, many IMBA races they have organised so far. Of course we hope for a comeback of an IMBA race in Amriswil in a following year. Kind regards from Switzerland

| 06/06/2023 | IMBA European Championship Veterans 2023

Hello dear sports friends-IMBA Veterans we would like to ask all federations to inform all eligible riders that there is the possibility to participate in 2 events. 02.07. in Genk, Belgium, 24.09. in Kleinhau, Germany. There will be 3 age groups, but the IMBA Veteran European Champion will be decided in one overall ranking. The 40-49 will get the points according to the IMBA system, the 50-59 will get the points according to the IMBA system multiplied by 1.1 and the 60-open will get the points multiplied by 1.2. So that we get a classification for the first year. The starting numbers can also be driven as they were entered in the registration. It is not obligatory to wear a national shirt. But you are welcome to wear it. The current ...(read more)


The 3rd race for the European Championship Open was held in Hummelo last Sunday. The course, the Heksenplas, was in perfect condition and also TCD Hummelo had their affairs in order. It was a glorious day. Before the EK Open started, the riders were introduced and welcomed to his community by TCD Hummelo's chairman John Hartemink. EK OPEN In time practice, Mattéo Puffet set fastest ahead of Raf Meuwissen and Jonas Salaets. Head start in the 1st moto was taken by Henry Williams. However it was short-lived and Raf Meuwissen reported as the new leader. Several laps Henry Williams was able to follow the leader, until on the sixth lap he had to give way to Mattéo Puffet. He didn't lose sight of the leader for a second and both riders dashed ...(read more)

| 29/05/2023 | IMBA Open class as guests in Wißkirchen-Satzvey, G

Bright sunshine on the Rosenbusch in Wißkirchen and the IMBA Open riders lined up at the starting gate for the second battle for the European Championship with 36 participants. The fastest qualifier, reigning champion Matteo Puffet from Belgium, had some great duels with James Dodd from England and Kristof van Vaerenbergh from Belgium. There were also tough fights in the places behind and the best German was Ben Gosepath in 6th place. At the end of the first run there was an accident and Dutchman Davey Nieuwenhuizen was injured and had to be taken to hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery and that he will soon be able to return to racing. For the second race, the two first-placed drivers Puffet and Dodd had to be the last to drive to ...(read more)

| 25/05/2023 | IMBA Open in Wisskirchen 28-05-2023

IMBA European Championship at the Rosenbusch in Wisskirchen. The Open class enters the second round of the season on Sunday 28.05. and we can hope for exciting racing with 36 participants from 8 IMBA nations. The Belgian Matteo Puffet, the reigning champion, could already convince in France and also take the lead and the yellow leader shirt this year. Let's see how the races in Wisskirchen go.

| 22/05/2023 | IMBA EM Marathon in Kleinhau 2023

Three days, racing without end and many exciting two and three-way battles on a sporting, fair basis. In Kleinhau on Friday at the Night Cross in the Classic Oldtimer races, points were also at stake for a "new" IMBA European Championship for the Oldies. In the meantime the groups have been put together from the race results, firstly there are the Classic-OldtimerPer65-74 who are younger than 60 and then the Pre65-74 who are older than 60. The group over 60 have been split again in the points allocation, 66+ get the points earned multiplied by 1.1 and 72+ get the points multiplied by 1.2 so that the older ones get a small age bonus in the ranking. For the classes Pre65-78 there is the same principle for the championship ranking. On Sunday ...(read more)

| 16/05/2023 | IMBA EC Race Ladies Deurne NL 2023-05-21

Hello all, Here you will find additional information for the European Championships for Women in Deurne. Special points of attention from the organizer: - Open fire is strictly prohibited, including barbecue. - Staying overnight on Friday is not allowed. The paddock is open on Saturday from 5.30 pm. - Staying overnight from Sunday to Monday is not allowed on the paddock. - Riding in the paddock is prohibited, disqualification will follow immediately. - On Saturday there is a club class in which riders can participate. For this you must register via our website no later than Thursday afternoon at 12:00 pm: When registering, use the ‘afvaardiging’ form (20 euros). ...(read more)

| 01/05/2023 | IMBA Classic-Oldtimer: INFO

The IMBA organises a separate European Championship for the Classic-Oldtimer classes in cooperation with various national organisers of Classic-Oldtimer events and in close cooperation with ECMO (European Classic Motocross Organisation). The groups and classes in which the respective age groups will compete will be determined by the respective organiser in the announcement. For this year, the IMBA will first see how the classes can be put together for an IMBA European Championship. Therefore, there are different classes for the respective organisers. The respective regulations or announcements of the organisers or the ECMO in coordination with the IMBA representative on site and, if applicable, the IMBA sport regulations apply. All ...(read more)

| 29/04/2023 | Cancellation MX2 Belgium 18.06.2023 Koningshoikt!

Unfortunately the VMCF has to cancel the MX2 race in Koningshoikt because the authorities do not give permission and an alternative cannot be found.

| 19/04/2023 | IMBA European Youth Championship 2023

Hello sports fans, the registration for the European Youth Championship 2023 in Denmark is open. You can register at any time via the link on the info page or the link in the calendar. Licences are not required. Each participant pays an entry fee and will be automatically insured.

| 02/04/2023 | IMBA Sidecar EM - Wohlen, Switzerland

has started and the Swiss, Remo Käser, Cornelio Dörig get the yellow leader shirt. They lead after 3 races in Wohlen, CH, in front of the Dutch Frank Mulders, Marc Van Deutekom and the Belgians Stan Goeyvaerts, Tim Smeunix. Here the daily result = current championship standings.

| 30/03/2023 | IMBA sidecar season opener in Wohlen CH

Now start for the IMBA motocross season. The sidecars will be the first to start in the well-known motocross venue of Wohlen in Switzerland. The reigning champion of 2022, Frank Mulders will surely want to lay the foundation for a renewed championship with co-driver Marc van Deutekom. Let's see which team from the various European countries will stand up to him.

| 24/02/2023 | IMBA European Youth Championship 2023 Denmark

Please find attached the announcement for the European Youth Championship 2023 in Denmark. Children, youth and adults from all over the world can compete. A licence from a federation is not required. An entry fee will be paid, which also includes the necessary insurance. For conditions of participation, see the announcement. Registration is via a special link which I have attached. Payment will be made in advance to the club in Denmark! I hope for your support and numerous participants.

| 10/02/2023 | IMBA Information Classic-Oldtimer and Veterans Cha

Hello sports friends under the Buttom Races information you can find the information about the new series IMBA European Classic-Oldtimer Championship and the IMBA European Veterans Championship. You can also register right away via the inserted link. Of course, you also have to register with the respective organiser (local club or association). We hope for many participants and wish for interesting events.

| 16/01/2023 | Official IMBA Calendar 2023

Hello motorsport friends here is the official IMBA calendar 2023. For INFO:- IMBA European Kids Championship: all boys and girls in the respective classes 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Mx2 Jug. are allowed to participate, with or without licenses of an IMBA country. Each participant pays an entry fee of 45,-€ to the organiser. IMBA Veterans European Championship: All riders who have reached the age of 40+ may participate, with or without a licence. All pay an entry fee of 45,-€ to the organiser. IMBA Classic-Oldtimer European Championship: All drivers in the respective age categories of the respective organisers may participate; the announcement and the regulations of the respective organisers apply: MSC Kleinhau, BOTC in Belgium and ECMO in the ...(read more)

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